Information security has off late come to play a very vital role towards the fast growth in an economy. It can thus be concluded that a secured communication is required for a company and it's customers to benefit from the advancements that the internet provides us with. A security policy is of importance as it provides the foundation of successful implementation of any closely related projects in the future. For this to be achieved steps are followed and these steps will ensure that security within the company is intact. Politics also plays an important role to this.

It mostly takes the negative part of the role such that it negatively affects the success of a growing company. Even though it is of important when it comes to management, powers are negatively exercised. With this, we are able to have vices such as corruption, bribery, nepotism, extortion, money laundering among others, to develop. These may lead to the collapse of a slowly developing company and hence diminish her dreams and achievements.

The development of a security policy is very important as it will not only turn the working staff of a certain company into participants in the company's effort to secure any communication but to also help curb any human risks within the company. Such mistakes include the improper use of the internet as this might lead to what is referred to as cyber crime, and other dangerous activities. Talking of well established companies in this world, they all have their policies, rules and regulation that govern them, and hence this leads them towards the direction of success.

Thus by its definition, a security policy is a plan that outlines what a company's assets are and also explains how they are supposed to be handled and used. It is usually inform of a document that is placed in the notice board of the company, where every worker will be able to read and understand, and also know what is expected and not expected from him.

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A good policy should include rules such as how to maintain your ID's and passwords, how to use workstations and internet among others. For instance in a case of a company dealing with Networks, has a very strong security policy. Other than the two examples mentioned above, other regulations include the proper usage of corporate email system, proper understanding of internet protocols, and proper handling of sensitive information among others.

In most cases people go wrong all the time and when they are sacked, they blame their own bosses. A very good example regards this Networking Company, where you will find some of the workers use the internet in their own personal benefits. For instance visiting fun pages such as: face book and twitter. Others make usage of the office telephone to make unnecessary phone calls for either the purpose of knowing how their family is or for other personal businesses. This is not right at all as it defies the company's security policy. Such workers are subjected to harsh punishment for failing to adhere to the company's policy.

Thus politics and legislation, for instance implementing of rules and regulations, in information security management is very vital as it fosters success to a growing company and also economy. It acts as a guide of what is to be done in the company and this makes the workers focus in what they want to achieve not only as an individual but as a working staff. It also fosters peaceful coexistence among workers in a company as they will be able to think positively towards working in line with their set goals and targets. Politics is important in choosing a good management but in its excessive abuse it leads to negative vices which might diminish the growth of a young company.

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