For any organization to perform well, there is a need to incorporate certain factors in its decision making process. Therefore, integrated information and data system is highly indispensable in every organization. As confirmed by Bagdad (2009) there are external and internal factors that the company should consider. These include political, technological, social and economic aspects. Each of these factors has specific functions and significance in the process.Economic factors comprise of the

consumers, competitors, contributors and the referral sources. The components' ideas and suggestions are required in the organization in order to operate efficiently. Their integration on the data management is crucial. Additionally, the social components aid in the integration of the people's opinions and interests in the decision making. Imperatively, the organization should consider the people's ideas, needs, challenges and strengths. Furthermore, the organization should incorporate political entities such as leaders and their contributions on the organization operations (Bagdad, 2009). Others included are the accrediting officials and the regulatory bodies. Technological factors also play a significant role in the firm's decision making. They allow the company remains updated and powerful in its operations. They also enhance the delivery of services in the organizations.

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On the other hand, the organizations cannot dispense with the internal data and information considerations. These one of them is organizational purpose. This is critical in the sense that it guides the company's operations towards the completion of its mission. Moreover, there is the organization planning that involves having an outline of activities that enable the company act in accordance with its strategic plan. Additionally, the organizational operations are essential in decision making since they determine the function of the company's units, divisions and departments. This ensures that they are all working in line with the organization's needs.

Furthermore, human resources information is instrumental in an organization. For example, data about performance assessment, competence, and employment. This information is useful in that it provides an opportunity for the company to realize its position and areas to be improved (Lucey, 2004). Technological resources are also necessary in the company's activities. They determine the information that the company requires. They also keep the company up to date in its activities. Finally, financial resources are essential in determining the company's budgeting. They establish the records of the company's income and expenses. Evidently, an organization cannot function alone. It should incorporate both internal and external components in its decision making in order to perform effectively.

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