Cultural problems

  • Knowledge management in both companies was differently organized that when they merged it was difficult to use one model.
  • They had varying budgets for knowledge management funds.
  • Their organizational structures were varied.

Knowledge culture at Ernst and young

  • Knowledge management at Ernst and young highly structured  into four compartments.
  • The was knowledge clustered in teams based on their  areas of expertise.
  • The knowledge was internally shared through their Kweb while Eyinfolink gave access to external knowledge .

Knowledge culture at Cap Gemini

  • More decentralized and less complicated.
  • Easily accessible since their access portals were personalized .
  • Cap Gemini university served as their innovation and transmission center since their staff could share their knowledge  .
  • The company had a virtual network that was accessible to their entire staff creating a sharing platform.

Success factors in E&Y km strategy.

  • Strong team work fostering high contribution.
  • Technical platform that provided easier access to knowledge  their global workforce through the Kweb.
  • Eyinfolink provided an easier link to external knowledge.
  • Virtual collaboration and knowledge structured according to the area of expertise.
  • Their organized knowledge was classified and named for easier access.
  • Larger presences in the global platform therefore enlarging their information sources and making the company more diversified.

Disadvantages of Ernst and young knowledge structure

  • Knowledge management at Ernst and young was structured  into four compartments therefore  complicating the process.
  • The process was highly centralized thus the  employees found making contributions complicated.
  • The four centers of knowledge management made the process long therefore lowering the staffs contributions.

Advantages of the Cap  Gemini's knowledge structure

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  • The Gemini's university was responsible for innovation and transmission of knowledge.
  • Knowledge Galaxy the intranet tool that was used as a platform for knowledge sharing as well as a virtual collaboration tool provided a less complicated platform.
  • Their technical platform was easier and less centralized.

Disadvantages of the Cap  Gemini's knowledge structure

  • Their organized knowledge was not classified or named.
  • The company was only present in twenty countries and 80% of their business was in Europe therefore their knowledge bank was less diversified.
  • Their knowledge bank had less information and therefore less knowledge.

How to export km from CG to E&Y

  • Cap Gemini's knowledge access was simplified and for easier access the knew company should adopt this structure.
  • Contributions to their knowledge bank were easy fostering easier and democratic contribution.
  • Knowledge innovations to be coordinated through the cap Gemini's university.

Advise for the  center for business knowledge

  • CBK Served as the knowledge bank for Ernst and young but charged for their resource to the new company on a contract base.
  • The new company should renew the contract until knowledge transfer to their new entity is complete.
  • The new company to ensure that the knowledge in the CBK is transferred to the galaxy before terminating the contract.

Knowledge transfer

  • Since the technical platform for cap Gemini was more easily accessible than the highly centralized system in Ernest and young the new company should adopt the former platform.
  • Cap Gemini technical platform also allowed a higher contribution environment to their knowledge bank the system should therefore be made the preference. Case application to present business situations.
  • Businesses  merging to enlarge and diversify their market presences.
  • Reduction of inherent risks due to diversified business activities.
  • Increasing profitability by improving the best practices through accumulation of knowledge.
  • Increasing the human capital and hence increasing the knowledge capital.

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