Management practices entails on the strategic decisions made by the institution in performing its duties and ensuring an effective workload output. Through sufficient methodologies and techniques, the university can achieve their objective of services marketing orientation and structural growth. The institution aims to provide employee value recognition of its product and services. The management practices, policies and norms demonstrated in marketing orientation level (customer value recognition) by Central Washington University (CWU) through Include:

  • Provision of sufficient students helps services and retention practices
  • Supplying amenities and facilities like gym

The recommendations for increasing market orientation in CWU are through Programmatic approach and Market-back approach.  Benefits of these approaches Include:

  •  Skills improvement in the University through training and educational programs
  • customer’s day-to-day motivation through empowering staff at frontline
  • provision of sufficient amenities, facilities and resources to employees
  • ensuring ample communication regulations within various departments
  • better risk management practices and norms within the University

Management Practices, Policies and Norms

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Central Washington University (CWU) has demonstrated the value of its customers (student) is through ensuring sufficient management practices of recognizing the customers as the core assets of the university. CWU has ensured the assistance of students by employees in their various day-to-day activities through educational policies and norms.  The scale level of communication assistance to the students is ranked high due to its numerous programs of assisting student who use English as their second language. In addition, CWU has increased facilities in the school for its employees and students. The expansion of gym through extra buildings has created value recognition to the expanding population. The market orientation is demonstrated through provision of sufficient communication services and sufficient facilities for students.


By programmatic approach and Market-back approach CWU can operate effectively in the expanding community through its employee’s skills improvement by training. In addition, to create superior customer value CWU can motivate its customers through empowering the front line managers and by emotionally encouraging the employees in their endeavors of satisfying the student’s needs. CWU need to expand the gym and supplying sufficient machines that can be readily available to the expanding institution. In addition, the provision of data base server can help to ensure effective parking services and facilate data communication in the university. Facilities and amenities ensure that employees can work effectively. Provision of better communication network by various departments and better regulations of activities will ensure good networking. The risk management practices in CWU through customer evaluation and risk retention practices would increase its need for a directed market-oriented institution.

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