McKesson is an integrated ERP company offering core EERP applications that promotes a cost effective hospital supply chain. The company also offers streamlined work force and a stringent financial control.  Unlike other vendors, the company is able to integrate additional critical areas related to its mission through management, health care specific scheduling and enterprise intelligence applications (McKesson Corp).   A combination of the company’s offers in ERP solutions help to streamline the entire supply chain management continuum. This is attained through information flow and integration process throughout the enterprise and key sections. This ensures that resource decisions made align the enterprise outcomes with clinical requirements.

The ERP solution offered by McKesson helps in making of sound decisions. This is archived through a real time accessibility of the enterprise performance metrics. The company offers tools essential in ensuring that business executives are efficient during decision making process. One such tool is the availability of scoreboards on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This EPR tool makes executives to gain business intelligence useful for improvement of ongoing process as well as during strategic planning. Also, the KPIs help in business managers to identify and address certain issues of the business.

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The core products offered by McKesson include Pathways Materials Management, Pathways Financial management and horizon human resources management.  The company main product in EPR is the pathways materials management that integrates entire supply chain.   This automates a streamline ordering procedures, increases standardization and reduces enterprise overall costs. Pathways financial management is a financial suite used to automate and streamline labor-intensive functions. Also, the suite helps in identification of costs, savings and data analysis throughout the enterprise. Finally, horizon human resource management suite offer simplifies the complicated workforce; management process while at the same time offers a single and integrated source of human resource payroll data.

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