Management Essay Introduction Example

In the running of a business, the most fundamental quality of the management team should be hardwork and integrity. These two go hand in hand and without one the other is as good as useless especially in the long run. According to Smith (2008) hardwork is a holistic term that covers all the various aspects of the business ranging from The Main operations to marketing and even social responsibility. What is the norm in most big businesses however is focusing on one aspect of the business and hoping it covers up for the rest.

Management Essay Body Paragraphs Example

In the Bridgestone case for instance Mr. Masatoshi Ono kept was a stoic and focused manager and indeed hardworking. But what he did wrong is let integrity slip through his fingers as well as the failure of his public relations skills. When a company has a big name like Bridgestone does and with a focused manager as Mr. Ono all they need then is a good product to show for it. In the absence of such a product then the company is as good as out of business. Thus the original undoing of Firestone was in letting the faulty tires to go out to the consumers. This act totally undermined the good record that the company had taken many years to build.

If I were to form a crisis management system my first target would be public relations. Unlike in Japan and other parts of the world The United States consumers like to be reassured. They need to know that everything is going right and that the company has their best interest at heart. This would help the company to create loyalty in the masses. Whereas stoicism and focus and calmness are necessary skills in the in-house management it is inherent that the management reaches out to its customers. To achieve this I would create a hands-on and robust public relations office and embark on an active marketing strategy.

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On integrity, if I was in the corporation just before the crisis I would have strongly advised the company not to let the faulty tires get out to the market. Not just because it would be an act of cheating but also because the ramifications would be very costly. It would have been best for the company to endure the losses and trouble of correcting the manufacturing fault while the issue was domestic because this would have saved them the massive losses both in revenues and reputation. I would have advised that letting then faulty tires get into the market was a severe risk that was not worthy taking.

Management Essay Summary Example

To sell idea to the Japanese I would explain the importance of altering the core values and strategies of a company to incorporate the needs of different markets. I would explain that it is ill-advised to expect a management or marketing style to work in America just because it works in Japan or any other part of the world for that matter. I would seek to show that it is important for the company to maintain the favorable qualities borrowed from the Japanese model of running business but it was also necessary to bend the position a bit to get the American consumers into the bandwagon.

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