In the recent time, the safety consideration is critical, as guest plan for a hotel stay. Based on the magnitude of the happenings in the past 20 years in the hotels, the security department has grown in significance. This section ensures that the guest, the members of staff as well as the overall unit is safe and free from any risky circumstance (Aggarwaal, 2007: 12). A compromise in the security standards can lead to unaccountable happenings such as robbery, the incidence of fire outbreak or presence of a bomb in the hotel. Due to such likely cases, it is critical to have an organized security department in any hotel. This department is there to ensure there will be no cases related to security failure in the hotel. The provision of appropriate training to the members of staff is an important variable. This is because, in case of a threat, the members of staff remain calm and will take the necessary steps, and take the guest to a safe place with close adherence to the evacuation procedures.
According to Raleigh & Roginsky,(2006: 16), Happenings are unpredictable.

Due to this, the hotels need to raise their safety systems each day. To the surprise, many of the hotels have decreased the terrorism familiarization on the case studies associated with their work and the probable incidences. From a research conducted of late, it is proven statistically that only one out of three hoteliers is worried about the security of the hotel premises. Shockingly, at least 50% of the hoteliers testified to the fact that they have not risen the investment in safety, from the one year period after the 9/11 incidence. It is necessary to have basic security gadgets in hotel rooms such as a sprinkler to ensure that fires do not spread. Moreover, the fire alarms should be checked frequently. From the survey done recently, around 23.08% of hotels have not installed the sprinkler in their rooms. According to Raleigh & Roginsky, (2006: 17), it is stated that, these codes are set to govern the construction materials, and internal blueprint fabrics. This is in addition to the way in and exit specifications, space limits, the smoke alarm mechanism, as well as its maintenance.

The worst of the hotel and casino fire in USA happened in MGM hotel in 1980. This was after a historic fire that had taken place in 1946 at Wineaff Hotel. On the prior case, the alarm system failed to sound and the guest got conscious of the fire after they heard screams. It caused the death of at least 85 victims and the injuring of 600 others. Statements made by Steven shellum prove to be true that "it is a condemnation in the hotel industry, when one of the various organizations fails to pledge or protect its guest and members of staff." Due to such a failure, the clients will have fear of staying in the particular hotel that is not able to justify their safety.

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Guests as argued by Ellis, & Stipanuk, (1999: 76), expect that the hotel room be fully privatized. In such an instance, the hotel management is supposed to ensure the unknown guests and employees who lack authorities of admission as well as any other intruders are not able to gain access to a guest's room. From the recent survey, it was found that over 40% of the hotels are not asking for the photo identification before they turn to open the guest room. Such a violation raises the chances of having bombs planted into the guest rooms and increasing the cases of theft. It is necessary for the hotel to seek a confirmation of the guest by use of photo identification, even if the whole process is complicated for the members of staff and guest. This is because it is reasonable to prevent an accident from happening as opposed to fighting with implications after it takes place. Parking areas are also easy targets fro crime. It is stipulated that there be ordinary inspection and control. It is essential to have a control of the environmental factors that would facilitate crime in the packing area.

From Ellis, & Stipanuk, (1999: 78), It is the lack of funds that challenge the prevention of harm to the hotel guest, and the human resources. This is because; small hotels for instance, are not willing to spend enough in the safekeeping division. This is because they perceive that the department lacks value on asset. Some argue that the security section does not generate anything for the hotel, yet the organization has to spend on it. In contrast to this, the security section is worth existence in a hotel in that it ensures there are details in place related to the guest and staff safety. The security of the hotel does this by ensuring that there is security of the room keys, the fire system, and systems to govern a bomb threat. Moreover, security department ensure that the members of staff have in place the safety training programs, and the emergency evacuation plans, as well as the communication systems that are used in emergencies (Burtsein, 2005: 23). It is possible that a crime upon the coincidence of the offender, the chance and the target, is likely to happen at any time. It is necessary that the hotels do put in place a reasonable security system.

A bomb incidence, such as the one witnessed in Bali in 2002, has an impact in the hospitality sector. This is because the guests get sacred after a bomb case and they opt not to visit the place. In line to this, it is necessary that the hotel raise their security systems. Since the Bali incidence, a report made by the Hotel Asia pacific still showed that the security budget in many hotels has remained the same. This is because there is an under estimation of the likely repetition of attack, or that no one expects the next attack to be at his or her hotel. It is necessary to improve the hotel security systems. In summary, majority of the hotels have not made a significant investment towards the security section development. In case of a failure in security provision in a hotel, it does not only mean a denunciation of the hospitality industry, it does more so cause the guests disturbance. Thus, it is necessary that the hotels do invest more in security development for the sake of the guest as well as the staff safety in the hotel. For instance, a hotel facility may opt at fitting the extra defense guards.

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