Special Olympics are events of great significant to most of the disabled individuals. This is so because it helps them to keep fit and ensure a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary in many organizations to come up and put in implementation Special Olympics programs that are suitable to disabled individuals. In addition, once institution of such programs is possible, it is important to offer the necessary facilities to such individuals. In this paper, focus is on explaining how my organization implements the quality practice of participants in Special Olympics.


To ensure that participants in Special Olympics are offered the necessary quality facilities it is essential to have resources. This can led to incurring of a lot of money, as a result, my organization has conducted a fund rising to raise money that can be used to meet such expenses. The funds raised will aim at getting uniforms, training, preparing practice venues, equipments, and matters of health incentives to the participants.

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To ensure proper preparation of participants, for the event, the funds aim at offering training to participants the whole year round. This training is for over 12,000 athletes. Bearing in mind that participants are disabled, the venue should be well prepared. Therefore, some of the money is for making the venue well leveled and favorable to the disabled. This means that our organization will hire some contractors to prepare the fields and ensure that they are well leveled and made suitable to the disabled.


Special Olympics are events that ensure that people with disabilities have an opportunity of realizing their potential. In addition, it will also ensure that they are fit physically, and are able to develop courage and create friends. Participants do not pay any fee to participate but instead our organization caters for such expenses. This will enable the disabled to participate freely without fear of inability to meet the costs.

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