The role of WBS in the project

The use of WBS is important is handy as it helps to simplify the representation of facts in the WBS offer many business benefits. Given the fact that work is broken down into the smallest possible units, stakeholders can easily get their minds around the project process, putting into consideration its complexity, requirements and constraints.  The team members can easily be allocated tasks based on the level established using WBS. The complexity at each level determines the amount of effort and resources to be dedicated to that level.  Team members therefore, are provided with an understanding of where their respective tasks fit to the overall project plan (Forest & Fischer, 2009).  

Work packages are also important in the realization of work boundary of each team. Conflicts and other problems associated with poor communication are likely to be reduced.  It provides the basis for estimation of staff requirement, cost and duration of the entire project. Scope can easily be identified as well and as such make it easier for managers to manage and control it, while ensuring that the staff work within the required boundary. This will help the team to focus better on what need to be done therefore resulting in high quality results and improved management (Forest & Fischer, 2009).

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Determination of resources and staffing requirements for large and complex projects is a hard and time-consuming task. However, breaking down the project into smaller work packages and pieces makes it easier to estimate the entire requirements by summing up all the individual requirements of each package. It is in this regard to this that that the WBS can be used as a basic worksheet to determine project team staffing needs (Brotherton, Fried, & Norman, 2008).

Additional information

She can get new information for the WBS by inquiring other managers in other soccer clubs. She can then compare and see how the events have been undertaken. She can also get this information from the Internet by comparing this with other events that have been undertaken in the past.

This information can also be obtained from fans of the team. The fans can be asked what they feel should be done to get more funds. They can also be asked to give their views concerning what the management can do.

Cost estimates

The cost estimates would be obtained in the WBS by including information about how the resources would be paid in the project. This information is useful sit helps to get an idea of what the whole process would cost. This will eradicate the chances of underestimating or overestimating the project. 

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