I have just been hired as the COE of an IT company, Computer solutions. This company is based in the one of the busiest locations. The company intends to spread its wings worldwide and reach out to other countries all over the continent. The Company deals with products which are related to information technology, such as computer hardware and computer software. However, the company is faced with many challenges that I as the CEO must try to fight and overcome. This is the only way that the company will be able to achieve its ultimate goals.

Preliminary Step

A new information technology company, such as Computer solutions needs to play all its cards right in order to climb up the ladder of success. This is because there are other players in the field who are offered the same services or almost the same services. Some of these other competitive companies are already established and thus do not have to face the challenges that our company has to face. In this regard, we must come up with strategic plans and management exercises in order to reach the competitors level and overtake them with a big margin. The strategic plan must be achievable and reachable. We will see to it that our products are of the highest quality at the best price. We will also seek to combine the best success factors that will see us that will help to take us where we want to be in the next five years. Our strategies have to include the use of high intensity and velocity to ensure that all our employees and the management as a whole is committed to their work and work together to achieve the mission and vision of this company. In this case, we have to motivate and encourage our employees and management as well in order have them sailing in the same boat with the management to achieve the goals of the company. (Obson, p.134)

Our sole aim is to build the reputation of the company. This will help to establish the company and will give us a platform or a stepping stone to climb up to higher heights. The first thing that we have to pay our attention to is the communication factor. This is because communication is very important in any business or corporation. Good communication can help to build the company while the poor communication can contribute to breaking the company. Thus good communication will enable our company to effectively and efficiently launch the best and attractive marketing techniques that will help us to reach the clientele and to achieve our goals. As the COE executive of this IT Company I intend to sail through this journey with the best advisable communication in marketing prospects for the information technology brands and products. This will enable the company to put into practice all the findings that have been obtained from different sources such as interviews and surveys.

I envision this company as a company that can achieve its ultimate goals and make its way to the top in a few years. If we undertake or use the best strategies and techniques we can climb up the ladder of success and be one of the best information technology solutions worldwide. This seems like a very high target to put but it is important to note that we are committed to achieving the best. Setting high targets will not only motivate us and our employees, but will also give us the incentive to work harder and come up with better strategies. This is because the information technology market is a very competitive business and therefore needs to be good strategic plans in order to achieve our goals. However, we realize that all our goals cannot be achieved in a day or a month. We realize that time is a factor that has to be put into consideration. This is because it will take time for us to get where we want to go. Therefore, we give our company a time frame of 5 years to be able to reach a certain level in our strategies and development. (Back Wood, p.328)

Strategic plan 1: Mission and Vision

Our mission is to spread our wings worldwide to all other nations and be able to reach a large clientele from all over the world. We are committed to excellence and our vision is to see to it that this company becomes one of the best and the leading company offering information technology solutions to the whole world. This may seem as a very high vision that is unreachable. However, we believe that if we work hard and use the unique strategies, we will be able to achieve this goal. We also intend to satisfy the wide demand that will definitely come from offering information technology solutions worldwide. We realize that we can only achieve these goals if we equitable employment opportunities to our staff and employees. Our vision is intertwined with a propulsion gear that will not only urge us to forge forward, but it will also get rid of all the doubts that could be on our minds and enable us to reach and achieve our goals. In five years I would like the company to be able to offer quality information technology solutions nationwide.

Strategic Step 2: Environmental Scanning

The information technology market is comprises of many clienteles’ whose demand can be insatiable. It is also important to note that the competitors are ready and willing to dig into out prey if we leave it unattended to. This simply means that the competitive companies are ready and willing to offer the same goods and service to our clientele is we are unable to satisfy the customer’s demands. In this regard, we intend to use research methods that are not only effective, but also efficient in finding out the necessary information. This information can be obtained directly from many sources. One of these sources is books. I intend to spend a considerable amount of time in the library reading books that are related to marketing strategies and marketing techniques. I also intend to read journals which are produced by the largest and fastest growing companies in the whole world. I am certain that I will be able to obtain and get important information from the books and journals that will help to give us direction. The other source that I intend to use is conducting of interviews. I intend to conduct interviews from managers, CEO’s and executives of fast growing companies. (Rebecca, p.59) I will especially pay more attention to information technology companies. I will also use surveys as a way of obtaining information on the same. The surveys will be carried out and conducted in many regions. This will ensure the diversity on the same. I also intend to get information from the ground. This simply means to gather the information from individuals who have opinions and experiences in the marketing area. This will help to equip me with information and points that will help me to draw up a strategic plan that will be successful. At this initial stage questions are very important since they help to establish the basis for performing the marketing strategy. Therefore, I intend to use questionnaires to carry out mote investigations and fact findings on the same. The questions put forward should be simplified to enable the targeted persons to be able to answer them simply.

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The information that we will gather from the research methods will enable us to test and evaluate the products before we launch the products in to the market. The internet is also a good source that we can use to obtain our information. We intend to visit some websites of the biggest and most influential information technology corporation such as Dell and many others. The information that we gather from this site will enable us to borrow some of the strategies that the corporations have used.

Strategic Step 3: Thinking Strategy

We are fully aware of that in order to succeed the company needs to achieve some level of competency and competitiveness. In this regard, we need to come up with strategies that will have an advantage over the competitors. The best way to stay on top of the competition is to produce and offer the best quality products that money can buy. Our products should be of high notch as compared to other products this will ensure that we remain on the top. The other factor that will give us an advantage over the competition companies is the price factor. It is important to note that charging less price margin for the products will not in any way diminish the value of our products. However, we have to be very careful when dealing with the price factor. This is because the price we charge for our products and services may help to make or break our reputation as a company. Proper management of the same will give us an advantage over the competition. The other factor that we need to consider is the promotion aspect. Promoting of the company will help us to climb up the ladder of success and be a step ahead of the competition.

Promotion involves advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion and the use of other promotional tools. This will ensure that the company not only achieves its goals, but also stays ahead of the competition. (Chafey, p.736)

Strategic Step 4: Strategic Planning

Setting up the strategic goals is one of the most difficult stages in the planning and establishment of a business strategy. This is because it requires skill and accuracy on the same. The plans and techniques to be used must have the capacity and ability to help the company to achieve its goals and mission. Our Company has targeted a very high goal and our mission is very technical in nature. In this regards, we need strategic planning that will enable us to spread our wings worldwide. It may sound almost impossible to achieve, but it is very possible if we use the best strategic planning methods in marketing. The strategic planning methods that we intend to use must enable us to reach the breakeven point in the shortest time possible. Before planning any strategies, we need to consider the marketing theories and the relevant information that we have collected from our research. These will help us to come up with an achievable and reachable strategic planning. The marketing information will help us to determine and set strategic plans for the actual demand and the total sales.

Developing the Strategic Plan

Developing the strategic plan can be very tricky and thus needs to be developed in stages. The strategic plan should be developed in such a way that will help us to spread our wings worldwide. In this regard it needs to have a worldwide or a wide vision to allow for all the attributes and prospects that are involved in the worldwide reach. It is also important to have alternative strategic plans which can come in handy, in case the original plan fails to achieve the required target. The alternative strategic plans should be able to manage the demands and sales of the products and services at a national level. The other alternative strategic plan is a plan that will be able to identify and create the brand loyalty and equity for our company. The plan must endeavor to fulfill the desires on the ground by producing quality products and services. The plan that we prefer is one that will be able to manage the demands and sale, as well as create the brand loyalty and equity. This is because this plan would be easier to effect and will be able to help us to achieve our desired goals. The information that I obtained from the developing the strategic plans is very important. This is because this information will help us to implement the strategic plans to be able to reach our goals. (Hollensen, p.800) 

Operational Step

The strategic plan that we have used, is a plan that will help us to identify and create the brand loyalty and equity for the company. This plan is not very difficult to implement and thus will be able to help us achieve our desired results. In the operation of the company, we will focus our efforts to be able to create a brand that loyalty will maintain out clientele and attract more customers. I realize that in order to achieve these goals, we need to motivate our staff. The approach I choose to use one that seeks to involve the employees in the initiative to achieve our goals. In this way I will give them important responsibility with attractive remunerations. This will help to motivate the staff.


This paper has outlined many different attributes and marketing strategies that are required to manage and run a successful business or company. The paper has defined and described the nature, prospect and generally the approach that one should have in order to successfully manage and run a company or business.

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