Transformation process can be termed as the desired alteration in behavior with intentions to change the preferred outcomes. Transformation is a general term that applies to individuals, organizations, research and many other fields. For example, individuals undergo transformation process to alter their intellectual skills and the overall personality to meet the desired outcomes. Organizations also undergo transformation in terms of change in management, alteration of goals, mission, downsizing, new policies and procedures with an intention to meet its desired outcomes as a whole. The main reason why individuals and organizations make a decision to initiate transformation is to implement new strategies that will help them in accomplishing their desired long term goals.

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Yes, transformation process can be applied to both goods and services. For instance, goods can undergo transformation process which may involve change in shape, form and general appearance to make them more appealing to customers. The transformation process on goods may also be intended to alter their content in terms of quality and quantity in order to meet market standards. On the other hand, services such as customer care can undergo transformation process by altering communication skills and increasing the number of customer care attendants for improved service delivery. Goods and services undergo transformation process to meet required standards, improve market performance and meet the organization’s long term goals and objectives.

Data might be used during the process of transformation to compare and contrast the current outcomes and the expected desired outcomes of the transformation process for justification purposes. For example, organizations might use performance data to initiate a transformation process (change) that will lead to realization of desired outcomes.

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