Leadership is a great virtue which shows the proper path to many people. However, the new paradigm of leadership is knocking on the door for the new employees and new employment laws within many organizations. The thought leaders are the leaders who love challenges and they are then persons who can make the required changes in the employment laws particularly for the industry like health care.


The whole business scenario is changing gradually. The leadership has seen many dimensions in the recent time in the business organizations. Different business organizations have different leadership approaches. However, the healthcare is the industry which needs continuous improvement for the betterment of the employees of the other industries. The importance of thought leaders is very vital in the section of industries. The employment laws in the health care needs to be taken very seriously and the challenges must be triumphed by the thought leaders.

Employment laws and thought leadership challenges:

Thought leaders are the people who are always ready to take challenges. They love to think about the out of the box ideas. The innovation is one of the main characters of the thought leaders. The risk taking nature of the thought leaders is the main drawback; however, it is also very much true that if the risk is not taken then the higher achievement will also not come easily. A thought leader must have or must choose an idea which is much more different than the traditional approaches which have marginal effects (Marquis and Huston, 2008, p. 60). The employment laws in the industries are more or less same, but particularly for the healthcare sector the employment laws needs to be re-engineered as the people involved in the healthcare industry are very much important for the other people from other industries. From the simple housekeeping boy to the senior doctors everybody is responsible for the healthy atmosphere within the healthcare units.

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A thought leader must understand that to keep these highly skilled workers and employees happy suitable laws must be enforced to ensure the safety and financial freedom of these people. It should be remembered that when the rising job cuts are seen within the market, there was only one industry which kept on generating employment and that was the healthcare sector (Ella & Kaitfors, 2009, p not mentioned). There were many health care sectors which got special employment laws for them. During the last few years employers have faces many challenges related to the employment laws for the healthcare sectors. The employers in Minnesota related to the medical field faced many challenges which pushed them to think about putting new employment laws into the action (Ella & Kaitfors, 2009, p not mentioned). They also understood that the healthcare is a highly regulated industry primarily controlled by the highly skilled employees. And that is the reason councils and managements of the hospitals, clinical units and other special medical councils in Minnesota concentrated on the long term resolutions for the new employment laws within the industry.

The whistleblowing technique helped the employees of the healthcare sectors within Minnesota. The most important implementation was the new prohibited actions over the employees by the employers.  According to the new law an employer shall not threaten or discharge employee or penalize the employee regarding his or her compensation (Ella & Kaitfors, 2009, p not mentioned). The protecting the fare practice is another legal aspect of the new laws. The healthcare industry must be aware of the false Claims Act. The healthcare industry is very much unionized and most of the time it is a subject of ongoing activities by the unions (Ella & Kaitfors, 2009, p not mentioned) the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Employees Free Choice Act (EFCA) are very vital as far as the law enforcement is concern. However, to enforce and maintain the new laws the managers must have the thought leadership approach.


Thought leadership approach is a great and risky approach and it not always true that only managers can have the thought leadership approaches. The Health Unions and the people of the health Unions can also have this approach and that is the reason some of the employees made the whistleblowing in the Minnesota and got new employment laws enforced within the industry.

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