Abortion is a process that has several definitions. Some groups of people views abortion as termination of the growth of the fetus in the mother’s womb. Others view it as the expulsion of the fetus from the womb. However, these processes happen together and the abortion can be described well by the above two processes.

Various groups of people hold different views concerning abortion.  In some of the groups, abortion is immoral; they continue to point out that it entails murder. Others argue that the fetus can not be described as a human being and hence abortion is not immoral. With these two groups of people bringing forward strong points to support their points of view, the general public is usually left on the crossroad without knowing who to believe (Tor).

Long ago, abortion was considered illegal by many government governments of the world. This led to women procuring abortions through crude methods that ended up threatening the life of the mother, while other did not achieve the desired results. This claimed lives of many women and a solution had to be sort.

The reasons why an abortion can be desirable include; terminating pregnancies that were acquired through rape or incest, to save the life of a mother, for instance the ectopic pregnancies among others. All the above instances may lead a woman to procuring an abortion.

On the other hand, some people carry out abortion for completely different reasons. Some of them are not warranted at all which may include; adventure, correction of unplanned pregnancies among other.

Pro choice is a social-political movement that fights for the rights of women to choose whether to carry a pregnancy or to terminate it (Podell). This movement has had far reaching consequences on the society and the government, and has lead to legalization of abortion. The first reason that led to formation of this movement was to enable women to have a safe abortion through legalization of abortion. This group has faced a lot or opposition from a group called prolife that seeks to protect life since conception.

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Generally, regardless of the cause of the abortion as well as w the procedure that is used to attain it, abortion is a complex issue that affects our society today. Various groups in the society, for example the medical practitioners agree that there are instances in which abortion can be necessary. Moreover, women should be informed, and be empowered on the issues regarding to abortion, so as to choose appropriately. In all the cases women should be given the right to choose on the matters relating to abortion as this affects them directly.

There is a group of people that is affected by the issue of abortion. This group of people is not as informed as the adults, and can not be trusted to make the right choices regarding abortion. This group comprises teenagers.  Teenagers are under the care of parents and are expected to work toward gaining knowledge and skills necessary to lead a more productive life in the future (Alcorn).

On the other hand, abortion denies an innocent creature opportunity to live, and it should be discouraged where possible. Teenagers should adopt behavior changes that would work toward ensuring that they do not get pregnant. This is because they are not financially able to support a child. Additionally, nursing and the subsequent raising of a child is very psychologically demanding activity. Only adults can be able to achieve this effectively.

Thirdly, as mentioned earlier, teenagers should concentrate more on studies as well as developing careers and talents. For this important reason, they should do everything at their disposal to ensure that they do not use the precious time of their youth carrying out parental responsibilities. The sole way to ensure that this does not happen is engaging in responsible sexual behavior to avoid teenage pregnancy.

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