Billing and coding in other words health insurance Billing and Reimbursement is a coverage or medical benefits that are provided either by individual employers to their employees or the government to her citizens , but it is unfortunate that not all jobs provide medical befits to its employees some people seem to have the ability to pay for their own medical bills since there are many ways an individual can afford to pay for the medical coverage, a number of people are covered by various health insurance plans., but despite this  there are an increasing number of people who cannot afford such coverage, hence there  are a large number of United States citizens left uninsured due to the following reasons( Katz,2010)

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It is being argued that quite a number of people in the United State have plenty of money that can enable them affords their medical coverage but they prioritize in purchasing  expensive items such as flat screen TVs, designer cloths, alcohol, and other fancy goods and to make it worse is that their salary for example a family of three whose income is less than 4000 Dollars, with a deduction of 2000 Dollars, this is even  worsened if either of the parents loses their job, or in an event where the income of both or one drops can make them not to afford their medical bills( Katz,2010)

Another reason why most Americans still can’t afford their medical bills or insurance coverage is that the insurance charges are very costly and the fact that they enjoy the monopoly since they not face serious and potential competitors make them stick to their charges hence denying low income earners to afford their health insurance coverage.

The fact that most Americans cannot afford their own medical insurance coverage has far much reaching effect on the medical industry and the economy at large, the medical industry is seen to be loosing a lot of revenue that could boost the economy (Katz, 2010)

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