The problem in Mexico is well known across the world the fast spread and the high rate of deaths in Mexico resulting from diabetes are so serious. The health status of Mexican children is at stake. With over 70% of the Mexicans being overweight and diabetic rates of adults at 14% of the entire Mexican population, it is vivid that Mexico needs dire attention. The fight against Diabetes in Mexico begins with understanding their eating habits, their culture and so many other factors within their day to day lives. By the year 2012, the incidence of diabetes Mellitus will rise to around 40%. This would result with a killing of around 100,00 Mexicans in the same year. Diabetes is a   widely spread disease in Mexico. It causes so many deaths in Mexico per every year (Montoya 2011). This essay also accesses the extent of community participation in an attempt to counter the made deaths and incapacitation that come along with Diabetes. Male participant in healthcare has also been analyzed accurately by the scope of this paper. The paper discusses the diabetic cases of individuals between the age of 25 to 45 both men and women. The path physiology of diabetes, assessment findings, the selected population and the social, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient are the core issues in this paper to help counter Diabetes in Mexico.

Assessment Findings

Mexico has a population of over 100 million people and Ten million people so far already have diabetes, both types 1 and 2. By the end of the Year 2007, Approximately 67,000 people died due to diabetes. These are so shocking statistics considering that human life is sacred in the Mexican culture. Therefore, something should be done to reduce these high death rates in Mexico.  Assessment has also come to the realization that the fast rates of deaths resulting from diabetes is because the most people of the Mexican culture consume insufficient fruits and vegetables. Over weight and Obesity have also been found as possible causes of Diabetes spread in Mexico according to assessments done in Mexico (Caballero 2007). The outcomes of some assessments carried out in Mexico to understand the fast spread of this disease are so poor sometimes. This is because, It turns out that 50% of the patients in Mexican culture are not aware of their diabetic condition. Also, only 20% of the diabetic patients have proper control of this disease as prescribed by international standards.

Selected Population

The selected population of this paper is the entire population of Mexicans and Mexican- Americans. This population entails the number of doctors in Mexico, the number of hospitalizations with diabetes in hospitals. The population of the Mexicans is extremely crucial in this paper especially considering   that it is the only we way scholars can learn the extent of diabetes cases in Mexico. The selected population has different ideologies on matters pertaining the fight against diabetes in Mexico. A part of the population of the selected has acquired education, and they take dietary measure to counter diabetes in Mexico while another part is so ignorant (Dev Bhattarai 2007).

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Pathophysiology of the Disease in Mexico

Diabetes occurs when the Pancreas does not produce enough insulin. Insulin is usually responsible for carrying sugar from the blood streams to the blood cells. When the sugar is transported in to the cells, sugar is transformed into energy that is used by the body immediately or is stored for future use. Through Metabolism, this energy fuels all body functions. When a person has diabetes, it means the body is resistant to the action of Insulin or pancreas is unable to produce insulin (Goody 2009). When the body lacks enough insulin, it becomes impossible to move the sugar from the blood streams into the cells. What results are a prolonged sugar imbalance in the body, and this leads to diabetes.

Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Needs of the Patient

The Diabetic patients in Mexico need to get Physical, emotional and physical needs from psychiatrists, counselors and nutritionists. The reason why learners should understand these aspects is to ensure that cultural and lifespan issues the patients suffer are well understood  helping encourage wholesome understanding and effective self management of patients. Some patients usually suffer psychological disturbances and to diagnose diabetes effectively it is necessary to consider issues such as depression. This comes along with the failure to accept reality by the patient ant it may be highly detrimental to the patient's condition. Anxiety, eating disorders and phobias are also psychological needs that should be taken onto account whenever patients are being diagnosed.

Some people of the Mexican culture also involve a lot of spiritualism with their medical condition. In fact, some Christian parents argue “ It is Gods will”. These fatalistic opinions justify contentment in the medical condition of the patients. Some patients in Mexico, especially the uneducated ones, are so ignorant about diabetic available services, treatment and support by the Mexican government (Green 2012). Therefore, to curtail the fast spread of this disease, it is necessary to understand these and other factors so as to ensure that Diabetes in Mexico reduces at a seemingly sensible rate.


In conclusion, it is so vivid that the rate of deaths per year according to statistics in Mexico is so shocking. The Mexican population should try to fight the fast spread of Diabetes in Mexico.  Perhaps the people of Mexican culture and origin should consider taking foods with reduced sugar levels and food with less fat. Also, the act of performing fitness exercises is also necessary to ensure they reduce the chances of getting Diabetes and being overweight especially for children in Mexico. Perhaps the World Health Organization and other Nongovernmental Organizations should lay efforts to assist Mexicans fight this killer disease. These organizations should educate Mexicans on the need to reform their eating habits and exercise plans.

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