This plan has vegetables like green beans, fruits (dates, raisins, apple, and strawberry), and cereals full of healthy proteins (kidney beans). Asparagus spears have many calories and serves as a carbohydrate.

2). I chose plan G because a snack should be full of fruits that will nourish the body with essential vitamins and kidney beans will provide sufficient proteins.

A snack should have minimal or the least carbohydrates to avoid filling the stomach because a child must take lunch, a meal that is usually full of carbohydrates.

3). A typical child will be appealed with Eating Plan D because it has a lot of junk or commercial food full of unnecessary calories and is easily available.

Cheddar cheese, crackers, granola bar, fat milk, coffee all have very little nutritional value to the body.

4). Some of the factors that influence the choice of food for a child is by peer pressure and lack of parental care or guidance.

A child would like to eat what a friend or classmate is eating. If a classmate eats cake and “glorifies” its taste, then a child is going to look for the cake. Some parents have little time to guide and provide healthy food for their children. They do not have time for cooking or preparing a healthy snack, and they opt for commercial food that is easy to buy.

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5). Eating Plan D is full of preservatives that would easily trigger allergies in a child.

Fatty milk, granola bar, mustard (a known allergen), devil’s food cake which may contain eggs may trigger allergies in a vulnerable child.

6.) Eating Plan G lacks carbohydrates.

However, on a close look, carbohydrates make the main meals of the day, which is lunch.

7.) Eating Plan G would be complemented with two slices of rye bread.

Another alternative is a cup of Corn Flakes and Milk. This will complement the nutritional value of the plan.

8.) Eating Plan G would appeal more to an elderly person.

This is because it is full of vegetables and fruits.

9.) An elderly person will select Eating Plan G.

An elderly person is more concerned with sustaining the nutrient requirements of his body than a young child. They are wise and are able to make decisions on the foods that can make their bodies healthy.

10). Alternative snack choices that will ensure an adequate amount of protein and carbohydrates for an elderly person.

An elderly person needs snacks that are highly nutritious but easily digestible. The snack should have: 1 cup of Corn Flakes cereal, ¾ cup of 1% fat milk will ensure that the person gets enough carbohydrates and proteins respectively.

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