The marketing plan will be prepared for the project of the Weber State University - Employee wellness program. This healthcare program would cater to the employees of Weber State University. The employees can highly benefit from its healthcare services offering them different advantages while working in the University. This will be a separate company owned by the HR department. The university employees are the primary target of the company. The program tends to run along the academic calendar year when it comes to our wellness classes and challenges, so a good time frame to use would be a specific number of semesters. For example, we could promote the Wellness Pays program in a certain way during spring semester. Or we could market a new class that is beginning in the upcoming Fall semester during the Summer semester (Gutman 2002).


  1. Ensure at least 60% of the employees have visited the health organization for diet wellness assessment, physical fitness consultation, and blood testing within six months.
  2. Ensure at least ten percent of the obese employees have lost weight and attained normal weight within twelve months.   


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  1. The marketing plan will promise to reward those who will visit the organization several times with genuine claim. This will ensure employees visit the health organization whenever they have a health problem.
  2. Convince Weber state university employee to visit the health care organizations for medical check-ups and whenever they feel sick.
  3. Emphasize prevention of illnesses or injuries than treating diseases when they occur. This will be achieved within the first two months of the marketing plan. To encourage healthy employees to remain healthy and the chronically ill to take necessary medication. This will make all employees feel valued and equal in the university.
  4. Help Weber state university workers change behavior patterns and live healthy lifestyles. This will lower the organization’s health care expenditures and raise worker production. Health care outflows will reduce as a result of minimized medical insurance premiums, minimized turnover rates, deducted absenteeism, and minimized worker's compensation claims, shorter hospital stays and, lessened tardiness (Barney 2008). 
  5. Educate Weber state university employees on the consequences of consuming food with excess fat. This will help them consume a healthy diet which will ultimately improve their health. This will be achieved within one month of the marketing plan.
  6. Team members will be walking around and checking the amount of water taken at a particular time of the day. Routine checking will make it a habit for the employees to drink water until they make it part of their duties to drink water (Emerson 2002).
  7. The plan will discourage the traditional efforts which wait until the worker has been stricken with injury or illness and that’s the time they pay attention on the heath issue concerned.
  8. The team will use lectures and bill boards with pictures and appropriate graphs.
  9. The team offering sample timetables to the employees and guiding them on how to follow them (Ganesan 2007).
  10. The marketing plan will discourage employees to avoid taking drugs without prescription as this is dangerous to their health (Ganesan 2007).
  11. The team will remind them of detailed programs to be found in the organization.
  12. The team will educate employees on proper diet and physical importance of physical exercises.


  1. Labeling and packaging organization products such as drugs, chemicals, timetables, pictures, charts and graphs (Barney 2008).
  2. Using the most appropriate channels of communication such as notice board, memos and social media to reach university employees.
  3. Product pricing and product innovation (Emerson 2002).
  4. Promote the services offered using persuasive and personal selling techniques and skills.
  5. Display services and products available in the organization (Ganesan 2007).
  6. Offering discounts to employees who will visit the health care organizations more often.
  7. Include terms of credit of sales to encourage employees to visit the organization even when they do not have cash at hand (Emerson 2002).

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