In the present society, human relationships have been governed by various issues that have necessitated formulation and implementation of laws. It is almost at every human setting that laws and regulations are the order of every day activities. In the hospitals, there are also regulations that govern the way patients are handled by the medical personnel, together with the nature of medications that these people are offered. The release of personal and medical information is one of the activities that are regulated by the present laws (Hendry, 2002).

There are several situations in which medical assistants have been influenced by the laws and regulations in their offering of services to the patients. One of the situations is when an assistant professional is not able to explain the use of medications, their functionality in the body, the possible reactions that the body will have, and also the possible interactions that the patient will have with the drugs. These are some of the crucial information that one has to be equipped with each and every time (Veatch, 1997).

There are various kinds of information that a family physician is liable to look at. The physician has to look at the medical history of the patient as identified by another medical professional, or even the same doctor. This information is normally accompanied by the circumstances that necessitated the kind of history that the patient has. The physician will also look at the decisions that have been taken as regards to the health of the patient. This will assist the physician to ascertain the future health of the patient and thus have a firm management over it. The other pieces of information that a physician is able to see are the kinds of medications that the patient has been undergoing and also the regulatory obligations that have to be adhered to. Moreover, the physician would want to look at the nature of progress that the patient has been undergoing with respect to the kind of medication in place. The physician is expected to adhere to a sequenced overview of information and documents that are found within the records of the patient. In this case, the documents will vary from those of diagnosis to those that categorically indicate the kind of treatment that the patient received and thus the repercussions that the patient had afterwards. The documents will thus include patient's symptoms documents, diagnosis documents, hospital course documents, and the physician's thought and plans documents (Hendry, 2002).

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There are various influences that affect and manipulate the actions that are undertaken by the medical assistants. One of the factors is the way in which the medical assistant always organizes his or her activities. This is one of the crucial responsibilities that a medical assistant has to be excellent in. Moreover, this also touches on the kind of organization that is in the medical unit.  Another aspect that affects the medical assistants is the way they communicate to the senior medical personnel in the medical unit. This is normally one of the difficult actions that medical assistants have to face. They are supposed to make firm and quick decisions As regards to every action that is undertaken by the senior officers in the medical centers. In this scenario, the medical assistant is charged with taking medication meant for patients (Veatch, 1997). The factors that might have affected the medical assistant are for instance medical addiction. The addiction that the assistant may be suffering from could have driven him to take the drug. The assistant might have been suffering from body pain that might have also led him to take the medication. Moreover, the medical assistant might have taken then drug for other reasons as to induce sleep or for pleasure if the drug was actually meant to instill some pleasure in the patient.

Seniority is one of the factors that have actually affected many fields of production. In this scenario of medical practices, seniority should be a forgotten factor. If this is embraced, it will essentially deteriorate the health of the patients who are being helped by the medical assistants (Dahl, 2009). In this case, I would have assumed the appropriate medical actions irrespective of what the senior man would want to be done. This scenario has once happened in many medical hospitals in the American medical institute (Veatch, 1997). The individual who got involved in the scenario actually had to be questioned and subjected to medical ethics and regulations that are supposed to be adhered  to by all medical personnel as happens in other professionalisms.

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