Question 1

Control over one's body begins when an individual has the ability to believe that he or she has the ability to take control. For instance, one is able to gain control of his body before being administered with anesthesia prior to a major surgical operation. The control over one's body however, ends when one has been administered with anesthesia in readiness of undergoing a major surgical operation and therefore an individual cannot be able to control the feelings and emotions.

Question 2

Any organization should have a code on ethics which ought to be built on values which are widely shared which include accountability to the general public, like for instance provision of relevant knowledge to the public, being committed beyond the law, honesty, transparency and integrity, social justice and inclusiveness and respect for diversity and pluralism. For example, the above values statements will help to maintain trust between the hospital administration and its patients (Verhey, et al. 2008, p. 510).

Question 3

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I agreed with the courts decision concerning the administration of the wrong blood because the hospital breached its duty by administering to the plaintiff the wrong blood despite the fact that the plaintiff had earlier indicated to the hospital that own blood should be administered. As a result of being administered with donor blood instead of own blood, the patient was subjected to mental distress. The court was right because the hospital must be sued for negligently inflicting emotional stress to the plaintiff which could cause physical injury when the patient contracted HIV.  Financial awards will effectively prevent such future incidents only if hefty financial fines were imposed on such offenders. Financial awards will deter other people who don't follow their codes of ethics when doing their work and therefore make them to be more careful.  

Question 4

Ethical issues for Right were that he was supposed to choose between continuing to pursue the  unethical behaviors which were being committed by Dr. Flipton to the medical executive committee and loose his job or decide to drop the whole issue and maintain his job. He was therefore faced with two options of either choosing between two situations which either ethical or unethical (right or wrong).  If I were Mr. Right, I could have chosen to stay quiet and maintain my job other than report and be sacked. (Verhey, et al. 2008, p. 550).

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