The question to be covered in this fold is basically meant to determine the validity of reports as provided by physicians as they undergo their daily routine of treating patients. The question to be answered is, therefore, whether the reports are considered fair and balanced. According to “Rheumatology Annual Report” (2009), a survey was conducted to determine the validity of reports produced by physicians dealing with arthritis. It was observed that more than two-thirds of the hospitalized reports were indeed approved, meaning that there was substantial amount of evidence that physicians were treating the infection at hand having researched on it fully. This left one third of the reports being classified as irrelevant. In yet another report, by the National Institute of Health (1998), the study conducted indicated that in some services the physicians produced fair and balanced reports while in others this element either lacked completely or was on the verge of deteriorating.

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According to statistics provided by National Institute of Health (1998) the answer as to whether the reports are fair and balanced is somehow relative. This is out of the fact that different services offered by different physicians require different levels of attention hence the degree of judging the reports is hard to establish. For instance, the survey conducted stipulated that the urgency and attentiveness of medical records was somehow low for measuring health habit counseling, it was moderate for those that required intense physical examination, laboratory testing, and immunization. It would, therefore, be wise to stipulate that certain factors are used to measure whether physician reports are balanced and fair. These measurable factors are meant to guide the physician on whether to confirm the presence of an infection or nullify it altogether. In my personal view, I feel that it would be completely irrelevant for physicians to come up with bias reports in the sense that it would be both wastage of time and resources. However, there have been claims put forth in the public about unscrupulous physicians, who have all along been in the medical industry to make even more money, and would sometimes go ahead and mould reports to fit into specific illness cover so in the long run it costs medical cover agencies a lot of money.

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The second query to be handled is meant to determine whether the reports produced by the physicians do provide substantive and reliable information that customers would in turn use to make sound medical decisions. The response to this question is similar to the one provided above, that is, it would almost be relative to determine the proficiency and effectiveness of those reports. As mentioned earlier, the research conducted by different organizations concerning the matter has proved that despite the fact that most physicians have been considered valuable and reliable, a few of them have always been in the industry only to make money. This lot of physicians has always made it a priority to inflate figures by the way of providing unfair and biased reports to the unsuspecting patients. Aware of this malpractice, local government authorities has, therefore, held campaigns and even pass legislation that focuses on protecting citizens from this unscrupulous physicians. Despite the protests held by physicians in the entire country to revoke the bill, relevant authorities have continued to pay tribute to the bills and even encouraged many other states to follow the suit. With this bill patients are, therefore, placed at a better position particularly when deciding their medical-related issues.


In my personal view, I think that there is nothing to hide anymore; in fact it is so encouraging to have physicians profile availed to the public since it is only through this that the long gone trust that the public once had in physicians is restored. Transparency in the medical field has always been put in the limelight and it would, therefore, be a high time that the public is involved in a matter that pertains entirely to their way of living. As much as it would somehow sound demeaning, there is no harm in physician proving to the public that they are capable of looking after their medical issues with professionalism and with due ethics.

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