Health care quality can be precisely measured with degrees of scientific exactness. Many a times, there has been a problem with the quality of medicine in America. These problems of medicinal misappropriations do occur in all American societies, both large and small alike. Many individuals are at health risk due to the underscore in healthcare quality services. This problem should receive consideration with urgency that it deserves lest we are bound to sink even deeper than can be imagined. There is a high demand to train clinical officers and examine healthcare quality to ensure that the right service is all around us.

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Everyone ought to be concerned about health care quality. All should strive to make health care services the best. Doctors, clinicians, families, government, policy makers - all hold the responsibility of improving health care quality. Achievable benchmarks should be set so as to aid in enhancing the competence of physicians. There is a huge gap between the set standards of health care and what the case on the ground is. There should be an endeavor to bridge these gaps (Ogrinc & Headrick 2008).

Audit band feedback method should be used. The clinicians go through assessment and grading according to their performance. Peer group influence method has been through speculation to be an effective way to improve healthcare performance. Although not completely put to test, it gives high and dependable expectations. This gives professionals the zeal to strive to improve on their shortcomings. Another tool that could be highly recommended is training of the professionals on the best way to offer their services. There should be a set standard outline for all medical professionals. Improvement in the same knowledge, seminars and workshops on professionalism should be the way to go. Doctors and physicians should get together to review common grounds of practice. Treatment of similar diseases should never differ from one doctor to another. Doctors should take the responsibility of ensuring that nurses and lower medical staff undertake the right prescription. They should be put under the doctor’s guidance.

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Hospitals should form partnerships amongst themselves. This is so as to share on the different methods and approaches that they give to various situations. This will help in drawing a common line for all health care facilities. A focus should be placed on collecting views from patients in order to identify their genuine needs and place them as a part of the recommendations. Indeed, it is clear that all these health care facilities exist solely to serve patients. In that case, their needs and requirements cannot be overlooked. From the patients, it can be easy to establish who and which institution does or neglects their duty. The patients’ feelings describe the mood of service in a health care institution (Lloyd, 2004). The patient’s end to end journey should be taken into consideration before any review process. When something works effectively, then it is the way to go. Reviewing the performance and protocols only puts the department to task but does not consider the actual result.

Finally, it is clear that quality health care is that which is friendly and has a positive outcome of every patient and potential patient. It should therefore be made affordable and ethically acceptable to the patient. The government should adopt certain measures in preventing patients from exploitation (Joint Commission Resources, 2008).


Health care is obviously a necessary aspect of everyday life. It should therefore be offered with profound adequacy. Our country still has a room for improvement in its health care quality, and that room should be put to use. The recommended methods of improving health care should be adopted and put to work to the latter.

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