Stress refers to the condition when a particular situation, phenomenon or perception triggers the intimidation of homeostasis and causes imbalance in a person. In this regard, a victim responds to behavioral stress with reactions that emanate from conditions of fear. Attack by enemies, physical violence, and exposure to natural disasters stimulate this form of response. In addition, other nonphysical threats, such as preparation for speech presentation, problems with romance, and financial difficulties contribute to stress. For such experience, the response of the individual will be nervousness and uneasiness. Nevertheless, the manner, in which different genders respond to stresses, varies. This fact is attributed to variation of hormone secretion, under stressful conditions among different genders. Analysts consider the oxytoxin hormone to be the main reason contributing to varying reactions to stress by different genders. As the body is faced with stress, it releases cortisol and adrenaline, which serve the need to raise the cholesterol levels and blood pressure to restrain the immune system (Eller, 2012).

When males are under stress, their body releases the oxytoxin hormone, its amount is less than what women’s body releases in a similar situation. In addition, other male hormones, like testosterone, regulate secretion of this hormone. The oxytocin promotes the need for relaxation, in a stressful situation. Concerning the behavioral attributes of men, this condition causes them to be hostile, which, in most case, leads to a health-damaging outcome. Therefore, considering the nature of reaction to stress, males are likely to suffer from chronic diseases, such as hypertension and high blood pressure if the condition of stress prevails for a long time. Meanwhile, females respond to a stressful condition by releasing the oxytoxin hormone from their pituitary glands in greater proportions, as compared to men. The release of oxytoxin is accompanied by a simultaneous release of other hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones help in relaxation in a stressful condition and reduce the level of its consequences. In situations where women are exposed to long-term stress, they are likely to develop disorders, such as the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

In stressful moments, women cope with the condition by the enhancement of relaxation derived from the association with offspring and other relatives. This form of response depicts ancestral manner, in which women dealt with such conditions in ancient times. Initially, women convert their mental pressure resulting from stress to relaxing and tending to their children. They used to undertake these actions rather than fight back when faced with threats. In addition, women have related with their closest friends in a manner that helps them manage the level of stress. This form of behavior portrays the ‘tend and befriend’ feature of women; it is passed on from one generation to another and is caused by their responsibility in the process of the offspring upbringing. In this regard, the female responses to stress lead to filtration of stress that help counter any conditions that may endanger their lives and those of the children (UCLA, 2011).

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Concerning men, their response to stress differs from that of women considerably. Through natural selection, men have undergone refinement, leading to development of the appropriate behavioral handling of threats that enhance survival of an individual. This was achieved by overcoming enemies through fights, in case of equal opponents or retreats if the enemies were superior. In this regard, the fight or retreat response serves men in ensuring that they survive under stressful conditions. Therefore, it implies that men are less likely to assist their offspring or relate with other people to manage their stresses. Such behavior exposes those around them to risks. The process of initiating a fight or retreat response in a stressful condition emanates from the biological desire to ensure that the situation will end with best outcomes. This process involves stimulating different systems within the body, such as cardiovascular performance, motor neurons preparation, and other neuroendocrine reaction. For this reason, men gain strength, which they can use to defend them or flee from their potential enemies. In this case, when males are attempting to manage stress, they become hostile and violent, as a way of suppressing their current condition.

In my opinion, the above information regarding the manner, in which the human beings respond to stress, is valid. From the analysis of human beings over evolutionary times, analysts have noticed that when a person is exposed to stressors, he or she is likely to respond in ways that guarantee their survival. In this case, the masculine hormones, such as testosterone, coupled with other hormones, like adrenaline, make the man become violent. In this state, they respond by defending themselves against attack by fighting back if they perceive the enemy as an equal opponent while, on extreme ends, they flee if they are overpowered. This phenomenon is a practical experience and depicts why men are less likely to handle stress without becoming violent and exposing themselves to various risks that may have undesirable outcomes. For instance, if a man is irritated and experiences stress at the work place, he will arrive at home and become violent without even interacting with children. The situation illustrates men’s behavioral attitude, which occurs in moments of stress.

On the other hand, women are more tender and gentle when handling stress. This implies that during periods of intense pressure caused by stress, women relax by interacting with close individuals, such as children and friends. Through this act, they protect those close to them at the expense of exposing themselves to threats. Women, who experience pressure at the work place, but go home and interact with the offspring in bid to relax, clearly illustrate this scenario. In this regard, women are more likely to survive longer, as compared to men.

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