In my analysis, I would like to pick on drug abuse as the major issue of health concern affecting children in many parts of the world today. A lot of steps should be taken to liberate children from the effects of alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, opium, heroine and other drugs often abused. Each of these is so harmful and should not be taken for non-medicinal reasons. As a concerned practitioner, I can dedicate my efforts to advocate for the stoppage of use of such drugs. Hence, I would choose to work together with the media and educational institutions (Uekermann , J.D.I, 2008).

I would begin by approaching an editorial board for the leading newspapers in the country. I would explain to them more about this problem and give them my research about it. Hence, I would tell them about my concern and urge them to assist me to inform the public about the dangers associated with this habit. This could be through creating a daily or weekly column for it or establishing a weekly pull out exclusively on this topic. At the same time, I would request them to advertise such papers and avail free copies to schools to make the accessible to the target readers: the youth.

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On the other hand, I would advocate for the support of learning institutions to assist in purchasing these publications and stocking them in their libraries. Moreover, I would ask the school administrators to appeal to their learners to form Peer Counseling groups. These should be meant for promoting the reading of these articles and organizing for open and private counseling sessions on drug and substance abuse (Lowinson, J.H., 2005). If this is done, I would succeed in my advocacy for the absolute eradication of this problem. In the long run, there will be drug-free society with healthy youth for better future. 

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