Prove exists that CD4+ T cells are capable of holding back the life cycle of a HIV virus an ability that is connected with an ascent of P21 protein. P21 was formerly known as a tumor suppressor and it has a strong gene regulation in CD4+ T cells but only in elite controllers and hence eliminating P21 automatically increasing the CD4+ T cells. The defenselessness of the HIV-1 virus indicates that defense mechanisms against cancer and HIV-1 virus might be the same.

Most people affected with HIV-1 are able to suppress the virus naturally but in elite controllers, viral levels are normally undetected, instead HIV growth is noticeably low in cells compared to progressive HIV-1 infections, that is in every 300 hundred people infected with the HIIV-1 virus they can be able to fight the virus without using antiretroviral drugs. P21 blocks a particular cellular enzyme, which is critical in the replication of the HIV-1 virus. P21 tampers with two stages of the virus life cycle.

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First, it stops reverse transcription, which is the process of creating a harmonizing RNA copy of a sequence of DNA, and it hinders the production of new RNA molecules derived from the DNA infected with the HIV-1 virus. This process is influencing the ability of P21 in limiting the production of fresh viruses. P21 blocks the viral DNA amalgamates into the host cell genome, and it achieves this by combining with the HIV-1 virus and hindering it from exchanging chromosomal integration.

Hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) have the ability to resist infection with HIV-1 virus among other few cells. P21 is a protective gear that prevents HIV-1 from infecting hematopoietic stem cells.

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