What is good and what needs to be fixed with veteran's healthcare benefits? The number of patients being served by the Department of Veterans Affairs medical system has been increasing in recent years. The quality of care and patient satification has improved significantly from the mid 1990's when the condition of veteran's hospitals has sunk so low that most of them were considered filthy, short of essential medical supplies and offering treatment bordering on barbarism. However, veterans are still complaining that it takes too long for them to schedule appointments.  The veteran medical system does not cater for all veterans but for those who meet determined criteria. This should not be the case since these are the people who selflessly gave up their lives to fight wars that ensure Americans and the whole world is safe. Therefore, the veteran medical system should provide the most up to date medical care to all veterans.


Eligibility - to be eligible a veteran must have been on active duty military service for 24 continuous months, they must not have been dishonorably discharged from the military and your level of income should be below the set minimum limit.

Enrollment- Veterans may enroll with the Department of Veterans Affairs at any time they deem convenient. To apply, a veteran completes Form 10-10EZ, which can be obtained from any Veteran Affairs health care facility or regional benefits office. They can also apply online.

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Services covered - the services covered are outpatient diagnostic and treatment services, preventative care services, inpatient diagnostic and treatment services, long-term care and prescriptions.

Co-payments- some veterans and low-income veterans are eligible to receive health care benefits. Co-payments are made by those veterans who have  exceeded the  set  yearly income  thresholds   and whose who have more than $80,000 in property.

Priority Groups -In order to balance the demand on the Veterans medical system, veterans are divided into priority groups. The groups are as follows: There are eight priority groups.

Disability Benefit - The Department of Veterans Affairs offers to disability programs. Disability pension, which pays pension to veterans who are unable to work and also to surviving spouses and children of veterans. Disability compensation is only paid to veterans with service-connected disability.

Readjustment Counseling Services - The department offers outreach and readjustment counseling services through community based Veteran centers in all states.  The centers provide counseling for combat veterans and their families to help them transition properly from the military to life as a civilian. The centers also offer bereavement counseling for immediate members of service men who have died in the line of duty while they were on active duty.

Gulf War, Depleted Uranium, Agent Orange and Ionizing Radiation Registry Programs

The veterans who participate in this programs receive free medical examinations .this includes laboratory and diagnostic tests.

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