A workflow is a process of how tasks are performed in a certain organization. In general it is the process in which tasks and duties are done following a certain order which facilitate a smooth flow of the operations for efficiency. The workflow within a medical office is intended to ensure that there is smooth flow of the attendance to the patients without any backlog and the health needs of the patients is taken care of. The workflow of within a medical office will be as follows (Ornum, 2008).

Give specific responsibility to specific staff members- this involves the assignment of duties to every member of the staff. The process is necessary to ensure that all the tasks are taken well care of and avoid having an unattended role. Duty or responsibility allocation is one of the most important process in every organization that is efficiency conscious because it attendance is done in time.

Arrange the order in which staff members should complete their tasks- the essence of the ensure that the sequence of events follow smoothly to allow the next task to commence. For instance, in the medical process the examination and the diagnoses of the patient should come long before treatment and prescription are administered. If this order of events is not followed there cannot be smooth workflow in the medical office.

Staff members' synchronization of tasks- this is a process which involves the harmonization of the tasks performed by the staff members. It involves smooth translation of events from one staff to the other.

Point of task completion- this is the clarification of the point at which a staff's task is pronounced complete. It ensures that every member of the staff does his assignment to fullness and no tasks are left incomplete.

Sharing of information among the members of the staff- this involves proper communication of the staff which ensures the completion of all the tasks. It ranges from department communication to the organization communication. Sharing of information is important in medical practices because the previous process is critical for the determination of the next event and order of events is paramount.

The importance of office layout and privacy in the medical office

Office layout is the arrangement and physical appearance of an office in the way processes takes place and furniture placement. The office layout is paramount in that it helps in attaining health level of communication between and among member of staff. The way in which a patient gets in the office the examination process all through to the treatment requires an office layout that is professional. The passage of documents containing patients' information from one desk to the other helps attain smooth communication which takes a short period of time and ensures efficiency (Krajewski and Ritzman, 2002).

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Office layout is important in that it ensures personal motivation in the work place. It is human nature to delight in smooth flowing process because data and information is not lost thus there are no hustles of tracking and tracing some missing ones. This motivates the members of staff who finds the office layout conducive for their working.

The office lay out is important in that it helps to maximize the productivity. This is because all the members of the staff are positioned in a manner that ensures that no time is wasted in translation of information or data and the least efforts are utilized for this purpose. This ensures efficiency and effectiveness of operations thus maximum production.

However, some office layout like the open plan office layout has been found to counter the privacy of the clients especially in the medical office where privacy is critical. This has made the medical offices to avoid the open plan office layout and prefer the landscape office layout or the cellular plan office layout. In summary form an office layout ensures that all the office needs are taken care of facilitating exit from the process once the need is met.

The concept of speed treatment

Speed treatment is the process in the medical office where the some patients are given preference over others depending on the condition and the urgency of the sickness. Speed appointment is good for use in the medical office but should not always be used. There are some factors that should be set as the pre-requisites for speed treatment. On other normal cases I would prefer more time for every appointment. The time for an appointment should be relative because the medical practices required vary from one patient to another but the average time should be four three per appointment. On the bases of these hours the office is scheduled to have eight appointments per day (Government Printing Office, 2008).

The advantages of speed treatment are that they are important in saving the lives of patients who are brought for medical services with critical conditions. If some are not given speed treatment they may loose their lives. Again speed treatment is advantageous in that it allows the maximization of productivity of the health centre performing it.

The disadvantage of speed treatment is that it may lead to wrong diagnosis and thus become ineffective. The need for proper time is critical in the medical office for proper treatment where the patient is fully examined.

There is however instances which call for speed treatment immediately. This will include conditions of heart attack which require instance action. Another instance that requires speed treatment is a case of an accident where he patient is seriously injured and bleeding is profuse.

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