In the crime scenes, all examination search and analysis ought to be done in a cautious and systematic way (Staggs, 2005). This is achievable through forensic imaging. With an accurate and methodological approach, a precise reproduction of a crime scene is realized aiding both the investigation and court proceedings. Thus, the crime scene photography provides the courts and investigators with images of fatalities, as well as the places and objects involved (Staggs, 2005). The ability to choose the correct cameras, lighting, appropriate angling, and three-dimensional viewpoints determines the forensic photographers’ effectiveness.


As a forensic photographer, while arriving to the crime scene, I would seek the help and consent of other law enforcers in identifying the changes that have occurred during the crime scene, since they are usually the first individuals to arrive there (Robinson, 2007). These officers will provide me with the vital information such as the modifications made in the scene since their arrival. It will be my obligation to ensure that the photos that I intend to capture clearly match in the size and location among other considerations. In this consideration, I will take the pictures capturing every detail of the crime scene even when this area is not fully apparent. Thereafter, I will ensure that all my photographs have been taken in a clockwise manner before altering the bodies or objects under investigation (Robinson, 2007). In my opinion, the first picture will be the photo taken from the crime scene before any alterations of scene have been made. Thereafter, the pictures taken are the second made pictures. Afterwards, I would photograph the crime scene from all the four corners of this scene. In this regard, I would not only capture the hidden objects, but also would ensure that every minute detail of the crime scene has been captured. To represent the crime scene images from all dimensions, I would ensure that the body or the object involved is captured from all possible dimensions and angles (Robinson, 2007). Similarly, employing the use of the camera boom, I would be able to capture aerial images of the crime scene. Throughout this photography session, the most important thing I will consider is integrity. I would not like to add anything or to take anything away from the crime scene. To uphold my integrity, all my photographs should turn out as the evidence. The same, all my collected photographs should remain as a matter of record to the day of trial.

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Close up Photographs

Through the appropriate and accurate means, I would take close up photographs of the crime scene. I would ensure that these photographs have captured the specific aspects of every object up-close. These photos should indicate the pattern, in which crimes have been committed. For example, in Arson crime scene, I would make certain that the injuries and weapons images lying next to the body have been well documented (Ogle, 2004). Similarly, after the removal of the crime objects, I would make sure that the close up photograph of the area underneath has been captured (Ogle, 2004).


While photographing crime scenes, the certain ground rules should be observed (Ogle, 2004). In this consideration, I would ensure that I carry the essential tools and instruments. Among these tools are a logbook and a ruler of scale. To ensure that my photographs’ integrity remains unchallenged, I have to ensure that my logbook captures the time, date, camera, lens, film type and other descriptive features of each photograph (Ogle, 2004).

In case my fellow investigators miss some evidence from my photographs samples, I will return back to try capturing the missed features (Ogle, 2004). On my second arrival to the crime scene, through the assistance of law enforcers, I would seek their help in identifying the missing links. 

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