It was a bright morning, just like any other, and I was planning my day. My mind was preoccupied by the wonderful moment I had had with my uncle: a person with a good portfolio in the Ministry of Justice and Constitution Affairs. We had spent the previous night in Summit Club drinking all sorts of brands. He used to boast, “have the state of art brand”. Then he left me alone at around midnight as he was going home. I had been oriented to alcoholism by my friends in University and had finally became a prowess in it.

I reached for my phone to contact him, just to enquire whether he got home safely: just the same way I used to do after such events. This time, things were be totally different: tragic. My uncle had been involved in a car accident and was fighting for his life in the City Hospital. This event acted as an eye opener. The predicaments that I had encountered became more vivid and it was a moment to analyse the past with alcohol and to think about the future without it. Quitting alcoholism was not an easy task but was the only way out.

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As a drunkard I was extravagant and I never had any source of income before. The ability to manage my finances has been an overwhelming achievement. The hangovers from alcoholism had deteriorated my social skills but the situation has reversed. My renowned violent character has changed and I have secured the trust of my old friends and also new ones.

I have always aspired to be a responsible and a successful person in life. The new way of life has provided an assurance of this. I have joined the anti-alcoholism movement with a view to influence my alcoholic friends through evaluative talks. I want them to analyze the positive tidings associated with quitting alcoholism. 

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