Have you ever wondered why love is so strong? Love is an emotion of strong personal attachment and strong affection. Love is a virtue, and it represents all the kindness, compassion and affection that human beings usually feel. In English language, this word refers to a variety of attitudes and different feelings. It may be used to mean interpersonal attraction. For example, you may love your partner or roommate (Ausen 17). Love also specifically means romantic love, which includes the passionate desire and intimacy.  All these meanings are combined to make love unusually difficult to define. It also acts as a major mediator of interpersonal relationships which is a highly significant psychological role. Love does not have a limited definition. The definitions of love are diverse depending of the context. For example, an instant love towards a football game is fundamentally different from the love to a mother or a spouse.
In my life experience, I have a true story that exposed to me the significance of love. During my primary school days, I happened to have crushed on a girl we used to study in the same class. Every time I saw this girl in public, I did not know what to do. Whenever I was, talking with someone, my attention used to divert almost immediately looking at this beautiful girl. To be sincere I was crazy about that girl and all I could think about was her. If it so happened that this girl greeted me, I used to feel a tingling sensation deep down, from the very root of my existence. There was no doubt I had fallen in love with that girl; I always felt like she is all I need in this world to be happy, since she was so attractive to my eyes. This feeling grew until it almost reached an unbearable height. I even felt as if I was violating her privacy sometimes because I always wanted to know where she was (Chekhov 119).
During those days, I had a small circle of my closest friends, and we always used to hang out together after school, playing our favorite games. Our crew consisted of the most notorious students in the whole school. Despite this weakness, we were the most talented students in the whole school. Considering my love and unique performance in stylish arts, Mark’s excellent skills in playing soccer and Andy’s prowess in singing and playing basketball. There were enough reasons for extreme attention by other students in the school, but we did not pay attention. My closest friend from this crew was Mark. I decided to confess him that I had crushed on this girl whose name was Violet.
Mark was very pleased to hear my confession. “Come on dude! "If you like her then put a ring on it”, this was a formidable challenge from my bosom buddy, Mark. He encouraged me and even promised a reward of a samurai penknife if I made a step toward my dream. He knew what I loved. The results were so surprising; this is because she seemed to be interested in me for so long. I regarded this as a coincidence (Amini 74). At first, she did not seem to be interested in me because she was always blushing for. Some time passed, I realized that it was her nature to blush for, especially when she was shy or too emotional about something. She was the first love of my life.
So much happened to me with Violet during those days. In fact, a day could hardly end without seeing this girl. I believed that she came from heaven, and I did everything to make her happy. Sometimes we were out for the weekend and enjoyed ourselves in beautiful parks with the serene nature and beaches. Certainly, there were  no doubt that we were both addicted to each other. Soon, I realized that not everyone around us was happy to see us together with my sweet Violet. It so happened that Miss Sharleen, our class teacher, had noticed our love affair. In her opinion, it was utterly obscene to hold hands in school. Honestly, when I used to hold hands with Violet, I was not looking for attention, but I just could not stand this feeling. This teacher was so angry with, that she started to punish us for holding hands around the school.
True love is unquestionably unbreakable; despite the attempts of our class teacher to set us apart, we still walked together. In fact, Violet used to feel so sick if a day ended without spending some time with me; just to talk and smile enjoying this beautiful life. All the teachers become used to see us at logger heads with our class teacher. Even to be punished together with my love seemed enjoyable. In fact, I loved school more than ever before. However, my magnificent love was short-lived (Johnson 33). One day, during the winter holidays, Violet lost her life in a tour to the United States. This is a part of the story that makes me feel so weak inside. I keep cursing again and again that it should not have happened with her. A memory of my moments with Violet makes me shed a tear sometimes, this why I like keeping myself to computers all the time to avoid these memories.

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