I have learnt that in life everything has its appointed time, this is what life has taught me which I appreciate because unlike most of the people who attempt suicide, I am armed with a fundamental truth in life, that of not giving up on anything because everything has its season.

I remember being so ecstatic after I was announced one of the few military cadets who had been rewarded scholarship ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 annually. Surprisingly, the news of this award came when I least expected it, this was because I was barely three months old in the military which according to me disadvantaged me in the process of appraising the scholarship applications. Additionally, my award of $3,000 per annum was one of the ten such awards that were awarded; it was also the only of its kind to cadets with less than a year in the military.  One of the major reasons why I still consider this event has the most influential in my entire life is due to the way it has drastically changed my life. I had been contemplating going back to school to pursue criminal justice which had been my childhood dream even before joining the US air force, however due to financial constraint I resigned myself to the reality of my missing-out on criminal  law as a career after my retirement in the military. It had even been made worse by my decision to join the military which according to me was a dead-end to my law ambition.

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I remember how on that date my wife who is also in the legal profession broke in dances and cheered after I broke the news immediately after it was relayed to me. My two year old son might not have understood what exactly had transpired but he had no other option but to joint ‘mum and dad’ in cerebrating. My co-workers were equally ecstatic and even threw a party for me in regard to that award. Now, 18 year from that day that event took place and retired from the US military, I am glad that I can practice law in the firm that we are partners with my wife which is exactly what I had always wanted. It is such a life fulfillment that I never tire narrating to those who care to listen.

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