I have always thought that wedding is the most exciting event in one’s life, and my experience proved it. Since my childhood, wedding rituals, even those of unknown people, have positively amazed me with the touch of mystery embraced by a bridal couple (Sands 45). I liked my wedding for a special spiritual atmosphere, sincerity, and commitment to love. That day I realized that the world became much better for me than it was before. The sun was shining brighter than normally, the birds were singing more beautiful and everything around was calm and gorgeous. I was sure that I would be committed to my love till the end of my life no matter what the life could be in the future.

It was a warm sunny day in April. The weather was fine; the earth seemed to be awakened from the long winter sleep and everything around looked green and clean. My wedding took place at the church where many relatives and friends were waiting for the wedding couple making a line. On the way to the church we greeted all the guests. The ceremony was so mysterious that I hardly understood what was happening all around me. After the wedding ceremony in the church, the bridal couple together with the guests and relatives moved to my parents’ house where we were going to have a wedding dinner. The wedding celebration was rather pompous.

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According to our cultural traditions, a weeding dinner is supposed to be rich. A special attribute of our wedding is a wedding cake that was served on the special small table. After the wedding party every guest should take home a piece of this cake as a symbol of our love. This means that having a lot of food and drinks is a sign of the future wealth (DeAngelis 335). My wedding celebration was a combination of dinner and dancing. Older guests, such as my aunts, uncles, and grandparents preferred to talk to each other, drink, and taste different dishes, while young people prefer dancing more than eating.

All our guests made toasts according to the list. In the light of our traditions, the first toast was to be made by my father. We have received a lot of wishes and presents from our guests and relatives. Many relatives and older guests gave us gold jewelry; others gave checks and cash in special wedding envelopes. We have taken many photos and videos. One of the most exciting things was our first dance. It was a bridal waltz. Sincerely, I took special lessons of waltz because I have never danced it before. The guests were entertained by the band and live music. When the wedding party was going to the end, the groom and the bride cut the wedding cake and every guest received a piece of it that should be taken home. My wedding ceremony and celebration remained unforgettable event in my life.

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