Decision Making Model: Deciding on a Job In this paper I describe the decision making model and apply it to a recent job-related decision that I have made. I identify all the steps in my decision-making model and depict how critical thinking impacted my decision. The first step of the decision making model I chose includes identifying the decision to be made. Even though seemed to be an easy task, it was very difficult for me to actually realize what it was I truly desired to do. Before I began gathering information, it was important that I developed a clear understanding of what I attempted to decide. I major in Information Technology at the University of Pennsylvania. The decision that I was required to make in this case-study was a choice of my future career or employment. After giving it some thought and deliberation, I realised that I would like to earn my IT degree and start my own business in the future.

Now that I decided what type of career and employment I want for myself, it is time to honestly analyze my personal characteristics. The following structure is used: Skills • What am good and what am I bad in? • What are the personal traits I am proud of and what are the personal characteristics I would like to change? • What are my strong skills that I would be able to apply at a new job? • Do I have all of the necessary skills for the new job or do I need to acquire some of them? Interests • What things fascinate me? • What activities do I enjoy participating in? • What types of individuals would I like to be employed with? Values • What are my job-related avlues • Am I motivated by money, power, or ability to be free? • What reward is the greatest and most valuable for me?

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• What type of work atmosphere would make me content? In order to answer these questions, I have to note that first of all, I need to earn the Bachelor and Master’s degrees in IT. Getting a degree will offer me stronger chance of finding a job much easier and get a higher position in the company. There are many people who go for Master degree. The competition in job market will be a lot tougher. Therefore a higher degree will provide a better opportunity or competitiveness in the job market. Step three of this decision making process includes identifying options. One of my options is the internship while I am still in college. Having a proper intern position would help me to develop technical, management and teamwork skills. As I process with my degree and intern job, I can gain my professional skill and internship experience in IT field.

Step four of this decision making process involves gathering information and data, In other words, I have to examine the information and resources I already have; identify what additional information and resources I will need; and seek out and utilize new information I would like to do my internship at Cisco System Inc, because this company will build up my professional and technical experience. They prove to be a good internship program for a university student. They will train me how to setup or install a network or wireless equipment and how to apply company’s certification in a further. This certificate will help me in the future, because the customer would know I am a professionally trained technician and trust me what I have prove service for them. The next steps (involve evaluating options that will solve the problem and selecting one of the options).

In order to achieve my final goal (working for myself), I have to open my own network service company. That is done to help people setup a network and provide technician information for them. The reasons I want open a company that is I want to work independently and not to feel any pressure that comes from working under other company. The last step is designing the course of action that will help to implement the decision. In this real market some companies charge customers extra for buying expensive equipment and labor fee. At my company, I will give my customers a reasonable price to allow them buy what fits them best. As I progress to achieve my personal goal, I hope to complete each area with honest, truthful and successful manner. And I will make my customers happy and have good relationships with them.

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