Human reasoning and understanding of future events are largely an aspect of induction. It generalizes certain aspects in life based on the observation of repeated events. Beliefs and perceptions about future events are assumptions and lack the aspect of logic and facts. They define probabilistic events whose occurrence is not certain. Conclusion on such events depends on repeated observations and everyday experiences rather than justifiable arguments on the occurrence of events. Experience concerns past events and thus, its applicability in influencing beliefs and arguments about the future is unjustifiable (Hume, 2000). The experience of the sun rising is only restricted to the past. The perception that the sun will rise tomorrow is subject to the assumption that past occurrences will repeat themselves. There is no logical concerning the sun rising tomorrow because it is possible that future events will not resemble a reflection of past events. Another aspect that raises doubts on the sun rising tomorrow is that human experience is a matter built on the past occurrences. In this regard, the issue of experience is inapplicable in defining future events.

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Therefore, there is no certainty that the sun will rise tomorrow. Human planning for future events relies on beliefs that these events will occur. It is difficult to substantiate beliefs regardless of how sensible they may seem. Beliefs in this case arise due to a repetition of the rising of the sun every day. This experience creates a predisposition that is devoid of any logical reasoning or explanation. It creates the effects of a custom on occurrences in human life. The certainty on any event requires a form of prove that is devoid of any influences of beliefs and inductive reasoning. It should possess substantial facts that render it secure from any form error (Copleston, 2003). In addition, the certainty of an event should address the mental state of conviction. Thus, there is no certainty that the sun will rise tomorrow.

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