Philosophy could be referred to as decisive and imaginative judgment concerning fundamental matters and questions such as, who am I? What is the essence of the universe?  As well as what is true or false? In the course of scrutinizing such questions, the intention is to shed light on the matters and inspect their repercussions. This is achieved via studying and the utilization of rationale in order to put forward responses that reveal answers to these questions. The learning of philosophy leads to development of proficiency in decisive thinking and boosts understanding. This is through unraveling presuppositions, discovering main premises as well as appraising opinions both in daily life and in organization of notions (Leaman, 2000). It further calls for creativity in issues concerning novel predicaments and mounting innovative points of view.

Philosophy as a discipline has contributed, and still continues to provide fundamental assistance to human reflections. As a distinct discipline, philosophy has contributed to the development of a wide-ranging framework for the unrelenting exploration of essential questions from prehistoric period to the current time. Furthermore, approaches, techniques, and perceptions that were built up in philosophical inquest have been of vital significance in the endeavor to get at answers to deep-seated questions (Olafson, 1995). Based on this incessant inquisition into elemental philosophical tribulations, other discrete disciplines have been brought up over time to cater for problems that call for additional specialized exploration, for instance physics, theology, economics, mathematics, economics, psychology, history, and economics. In modern-day society, philosophers have gone on to struggle with basic questions with an aim of reminding others in different disciplines of the obligation of inquiring on some laid assumptions. In addition, it gives them an opportunity to view their undertakings in a broader perspective.

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The studying of philosophy is thrilling. This is because it presents the students with scholarly capacity to be accomplished in various fields with regard to professional and academic work. Furthermore, it acts as a foundation for leading a comfortable as well as a reflective life. This discipline is categorized into different groups. The primary categories include: Epistemology, which involves the study of the limits, scale, and likelihood of comprehension. Epistemologists struggle with questions such as “what can I recognize?”, “What are the restrictions of the things I can know?”, “What is knowledge?” and “how are ideas connected to other things in the universe?” The second category is Metaphysics. This discipline concentrates on modern way of life. However, metaphysics that is linked to philosophy normally entails the study of the structure of the universe. For instance, metaphysicians examine the nature of subsistence. It deals with questions such as “What it does it mean for something to stay alive?” “Are “square circles” real?” and if they are not, “Why is it?” “What is the difference between a physical thing and other objects?” (Soccio, 2006).

The third category is philosophy of the mind. This one tries to delve into the significance of saying that something posses a mind. Intellects linked to this field struggle with topics such as whether the body and mind are dissimilar or whether other creatures such as fish have the same mind as human beings. An individual develops opinions with regard to the above questions and this field of philosophy presents him or her with the opportunity to test the formulated opinions. The last field is concerned with ethics. Here, human life is studied based on how ‘good’ is defined. Generally, it involves the study of what is right and wrong as well as evil and good. Philosophers of moral may formulate questions like, “Do moral facts exist?” or “What can life be without guidelines?” (Weil and Kincheloe, 2004)Considering all aspects encompassed in the field of philosophy, it plays a vital role in the development of critical and creative thinking.

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