Life is characterized by the choices we make. The choices made are dependent on logic, which determines the quality of life that human beings live. According to Aristotle, human beings are ‘rational animals’. Thus, the capacity to reason is very unique to human beings and it happens to be a very important aspect in the life that we live.  The human soul has order, desires and passions that need to be controlled. Logic carries with it a very essential power to make sure that the potential, passions and desires in human beings are well guided, otherwise they could be destructive. Logic is very important in creating a well balanced life. The happiness of the soul is brought by the use of reason. Logic enhances order in individual persons and the society at large.

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The manner, in which we use logic, determines the perception of other people towards us. This is basically realized through language (Cannon, 2003). Logic is mainly concerned with the pursuit of truth, which matters a lot in the life of any individual. Logic is thus useful in defining the complex scenarios in the life of human beings, especially where consistency is desperately needed. The process of thought that leads to making informed conclusions from assertions and percepts is all founded on logic. To make any meaningful existence, logic is very crucial. It brings meaning to life. This is what defines the life that we live and more especially through construing logic in language and self expression. Life presents a lot of options to human beings.  Therefore, individuals must weigh these options to come up with the most succinct one. There cannot be good choices and variety, if logic is not applied.  

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