This paper seeks to take an in-depth study on how and why the triumph of conservatism came about. It also seeks to establish whether the triumph of conservatism still occurs in the United States of America. The paper will examine the rise of conservatism in the United States based on primary and secondary sources.

Triumph of conservatism came about from the progressivism. Progressivism is a philosophy which allows the innovations and reforms in many different aspects in the political, social and economical orders of a state. The first progressive movement was in the year 1901 and up to 1917 when the victory for liberalism was seen as a triumph for conservatism. This simply means that the conservative goals and agendas during this period were brought about by progressive leaders. It is important to note that conservatism simply means a deviation of some kind of a resistance to change in a situation that involves hostility in a political, social or economical order. This triumph does not take into consideration the fact that the maintenance of social and economic relations is very essential in any society. However, the progressive leaders were keen on perpetuating liberal reforms in order to be able to achieve and bring about conservative results (Willner, p.349).

Many concerns that arose from these reforms were in relation to competition, economic distribution of wealth and the social welfare of all the citizens at that particular time. In this era, business had a very powerful influence on the political arena and it almost controlled the political arena to the extent of defining the units of political interventions in the system or Government at that time. Later the progressive leaders had to face a new light by experiencing brand new themes and areas in the same. This led to the enactment of the regulation policies, innovations and changes in the banking system, improvement and renovation of the social welfare of the citizens. This helped to preserve in a great way the policies, powers and the economic and social relations. In the year 1902, mine workers in the United States submitted arbitrations but were strongly opposed and were not recognized by any union. This led to a strike which paralyzed the mining sector. The miners’ strike over what they termed as low wages, working in unsafe conditions, they also wanted to be recognized by the union and the union members. This strike helped to bring about the change to the miners working in the mines. Through their conservatism they were able to triumph. During this period a big business and the big business owners had an influence on the government and on the policy regulations. They influenced the regulations to work for their own good and not for the good of the public.

This simply means that the regulations were not for the common good of all the citizens but were influenced and manipulated by big business owners for their own advantages. This helped only to encourage, promote high levels of competition in the business levels and led to the decentralization in the Government. This simply means that the progressive movement greatly pressured the initial goals and did not serve as the way to reform the society. Progressivism was a movement that caused the change in the political rationalization in the business arena.

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The political and economical history of the United States during a very critical and specific period in the history of United states has not only influenced the decades that followed the crucial; this period in the history of this state has also had an effect on the recent or present United States’ political and economic arena. This serves only to prove that history repeats itself and has a way of influencing the future generations as well. The triumph of conservatism has been carried to the 20th century and it continues to have consequences on the political, communal and financial arenas of the United States. This has raised certain questions on many different aspects of the political and economical status of America. If the past times had had a different approach to the triumphs of conservatism, could the political and economic aspects of the Unites States be any different? Many politicians and social theories from the recent times have tried to explain and analyze this prospect of ideas. Their ideas may be inaccurate, over simplified and fruitless but they serve a purpose in describing the different trends of centralization and decentralization in the recent times as affected by the critical times in the historical era. The answer to all the emerging questions about the political, social and economical aspect of the recent times has roots from the historical times. This simply means that most of the questions asked today in regards to the economical, political and social status of the United States can be answered only by looking at the roots of the historic background where triumphs of conservatism first occurred (Jeff, p.138).

In the recent times the general theories on the same have ignored to a certain extent the actions and the intentions that lead to the consequences whose effects are still being felt to date. The triumph of conservatism has resulted from the decisions of particular people and institutions. It is important to note that my decisions were made in the historical times which involved the Government and the economies. These decisions helped to shape the solutions to the problems which were advocated by different representatives in the business and financial interests of the state. In simply terms the results were conservative triumphs of the active efforts not only to serve and maintain the economical and social relations but also from the well functioning of the same. The criteria used for conservatism in this prospect are attributed to the existing powers of the politicians and businessmen plus the social relationship of the same.

Review of Triumph of Conservatism

The triumphs of conservatism refer to the relationship between Government and business which were better than Government and business of the recent age. Government and business were confined by the progressive era which dated back to the years 1901 to 1914. Kolko in his book on the same manages to explain in-depth the ideas which have been misunderstood as in formatting of Government. Kolko shows how the businessman has driven competition to the limit by bringing the optimal stability to the market. He generally suggests and urges the analysts, political leaders and activists to accept the view that the federal business regulations were largely inspired and influenced by progressive intellectuals (Berman, p.60). The result of the federal business regulations has lead to political capitalism and stability in the market. In this regard, the big businesses helped to regulate the competition on the same. According to Kolko, there was more competition and thus more profit but many businessmen have refused to accept this fact or to recognize it. However, the key is to accept that even though the economic theories failed, new competitive advantages were achieved.


This paper has outlined and described in details the events that lead to the triumph of conservatism. It also tried to explain how and why this triumph has come about. It has also examined the rise of conservatism in the United States.

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