The main purpose of this paper is to examine the varied aspect of love as portrayed in the 360 BC symposium. Having been written by a writer called Plato, the author using different characters in the book is able to introduce new thought and insight on the trilling subject of loves. For instance in one of the characters called Phaedrus who tends to liken love to some kind of a god. It is the desire of the papers that one is brought to a proper understanding of the broad subject of love.

The word love has always been connected with romantic escapades. Few people can quite state with certainty about the origin of love. However, it has continued to exist in the world and experienced by different people in the globe. Likewise the author of the 360 BC has venture into this complex subject of love and investigated more how it continues to be one of the most fascinating topic to man today. For examples through Phaedrus different thoughts on the subject of love, the writer is able to bring great admiration and honor to the topic. In the book he tends to liken the feeling of love as some sort of a deity. Phaedrus sounds worried that no writers, poet or the elites of their times has paid homage to the great subject of love. In his eyes love it is something that should be upheld very highly.

On the other hand however much many acknowledge the existence of true and genuine love there also exist love that is deceitful. This notion is explained more clearly by a character in the book named Pausanias. Through him the writer brings to attention the double nature of love and how it is experienced in different people. In the book it is referred to as double love which centers on desires and love that is affectionate. Through a character called Pausanias, he was able to bring to light the true nature of love that is supposed to shield us from being misled. People are supposed to be weary when handling matters of love, because they have been known to influence the actions and thoughts of people. He also goes on to believe that love created between a man and another, can be compared to that of gods since it comes with greater power. He adds that love originating from such a union is developed from manly countenance. He asserts by saying this love is guided by deep friendship and amazing love.

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Another character in the book that gives unique account on the subject of love is the Eryximachus. He is seen to agree more on the fact that love is like a different entity that exists on its own, other than a feeling as portrayed. He is seen likening it to a god and add that love works in mysterious ways once in our bodies. In the course he is able to shed new insights that are informative to the readers. To him love is more than just a feeling that can be experienced between two people. When translated into the real world, few people can confess to be experiencing that rare type of love. To attain this love people had to aim higher than the physical body. This love seemed to combine the mind, body and soul.

 Socrates is another vocal character that distributes his thoughts on the subject of love. He is seen doubtful about Agatha’s approach of love being a deity. He offers a story about two lovers that had undying love for each another. These two were the Poros and the Penia. He argued that these two were a perfect example of unpolluted love. They demonstrated willingness to an extent they could lay down their life for the course of love. This is the type of love that he strongly believed in. Lastly he argues that gods can’t experience love since they are different from humans. Love is more revealed in humans than any other animal in the world. Though people dies and relationships end but the existences of loves according to the writer tends to possess immortal capabilities. In short he states love never dies but lives on. (Scott, 2008)


Lastly the aim of the papers was to bring attention to the reader on varied ideas and thoughts that revolve on the topic of love. A fascinating subject has continued to thrill many people. The papers have strived to explore the many nature of love and how it has enriched the lives of many.

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