The question of a woman is a complex question given that a woman is a complex creature. There are several features of a woman which makes her different from man and as such, it is important to bring them out by exploring what makes up a woman. In connection to this point examining the mind, body, and soul of a woman will necessitate one to understand who a woman is. To begin with, a woman is defined as the female human being. In most cases, the word 'woman' has been used to define a woman as an adult  female human being while a young and adolescent female human being is termed as a girl (Reeser, 2010).

As far as the mind is concerned, a man is thought out to be as masculine in body as he is in mind. Therefore, a woman is viewed from the point of view of her body and as such, her mind is judged from the body (Moi, 2001).  In this sense, the body of a woman is portrayed as weak in stature and as such, her mind is deemed weak. Besides this point, the body of a woman is one of the essential elements used to define her. Outstandingly, the body of a woman is described by various features such as the breasts and uterus just to mention a few (Reeser, 2010).  A woman's body supports the part of her being a mother and a support to the man. On the other hand, the soul of a woman is connected to the body and this is the reason why sex which is done in the body affects her soul.

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The society views a woman as to be subordinate to man. She is portrayed as to be made for one sole reason of giving birth, taking care of children and as a sexual object for the man. She is the person who is meant to clean the house, cook and as such play the role of a house keeper. She has been viewed by the society as the weak sex both in body and mind and as such, she has been made to rather play a subordinate role (Moi, 2001).  

In fact, gender stereotypes have marginalized women in the society and as a result, women have not been able to exploit their potentials in the existing societal structures. Arguably, the society has marginalized women to a point whereby they have become so much confined to the homes, housekeeping and bringing up of children. As a result, women remain as oppressed and as such they have to live in a male dominated society which only sees them as sexual objects.

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