Woolf has contributed to the contemporary feminism and to the academic study of gender. In this paper, I am going to discuss the understanding of feminism to Woolf, the general contribution of woof to feminism through her arguments in her various text and essays, and how her critics contribute to the academic study of gender. According to Woolf, feminism is a way that a woman has been categorized into gender. That is why they are almost subordinate to men yet, they are contrasting to them. They also share in a complex fashion, their values, experience, and distinctive history as women.

Through from the nineteenth to the twentieth century, feminism has gone through a long political history. Many feminists have contributed to this, Woolf being one of them come out and criticizes feminism by producing two texts making the basis of feminist theory. She produced a text, a room of one's own and another called three Guineans. For her, the oppression of women is both social and politically structured in that it has become a central example and the key cause of tyrants that produce war (Yuracko 126). She believed that women are the only agents to the necessity of social transformation that could end the wars through their economic and cultural resources.

She identifies even the daughters of educated men getting no access to education, economic and political power that are available to men. To succumb this she provided funds to sponsor two organizations that would help provide intellectual, psychological, and economic resources needed for women to overrule masculinity.

Her concern was also with the women's material disadvantage as compared to men. She identified the importance of financial independence for creativity, self-determination, and intellectual freedom of a woman. She explains that for a woman to have development and the freedom of speech, a woman should both financial independence and a quiet place for herself. This is a contrast to what women have in terms of finances (Jones 196).

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Woolf illustrates the importance of financial independence to a woman as a way of allowing a woman to have their own judgmental rather than depending on the judgments made by their dependants. In a situation of impending war, Woolf argues on the woman's need for financial independence as a way of opposing men's cries for the war.

Also on her text "three Guineas," she states that a married woman shall have a mind and a will of her own if we only ensure payment of women wage for marriage and motherhood as a profession. This statement was a reminder to men that just as they find their financial dependence on another degrading individual, women also are equally degraded to dependent on such individuals (Yuracko 126).

Woolf's book "the beauty myth" another text she wrote examines the way in which traditional ideas about beauty has contributed to be one of the political weapons use against women's claim for equality (Black 27). She argues that the unrealistic expectations of beauty have been used as a defense by men against the demands for women to have higher positions or powers in social and political reams. This seemed westernized to her, which is always found amongst money women spend for cosmetics needed for them to attain the standards of industries promotion. She comments that this criticism on beauty is a chance for women to destroy their physical look, for example, having plastic surgery (Black 28). To her this criticism was not good for both men and women rather she encouraged women to seek other options or ways of beautifying themselves.

Wolf continued to criticize another notion of a new kind of feminism, the power of women. She encouraged women to move away from an ideology that women are victims of male dominance rather; they should embrace the desire to take control of their lives and mold their future (Osborne 345). She encouraged them to learn how to acquire knowledge for economic and political power to help them advocate for women's issues.

She also argues that gender is becoming a social obstacle, which can be susceptible to modification and challenges that the desexualization of the female is an effort to the achievement of equality with men. All her arguments have become the basis for feministic theories, which has been developed by various critics over time.

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