The American Revolution was a collective struggle as well as a civil war among the American people (Boyer et al. 158). Loyalists were against the revolution while patriots were determined to gain independence. The struggle did not only involve Britain and its American colonies, but a wide range of countries got involved. The involvement of other countries played a major role in helping the patriots to defeat the British troops. One of the major impacts of other countries on the struggle between Britain and its American colonies is the achievement of America’s independence. The outbreak of the Anglo-American conflict gave other countries a chance to intervene in the conflict between the Americans and the British. This intervention paved a way for America’s independence.

This conflict in particular gave France a chance to revenge its defeat. French literary figures funded the rebels, supplied them with arms and welcomed the American ships at its ports (166). France also contributed some of its military solders to the American side as volunteers. This act strengthened the rebels’ side and they got the courage not to turn back. Spain which was also an ally of France and a rival of Britain also contributed to strengthening the rebel side by supplying arms and other necessities to them. The intervention of the two countries led to the American victory at Saratoga in the year 1777, October (166). The involvement of other countries in this struggle destabilized the British troops and they had to evacuate from some of their stronghold colonies. French troops in particular joined the continental forces and formed the Franco-American forces. This combination led to the victory at Yorktown which ensured America’s independence. 

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The involvement of other countries in this struggle caused an international war as countries were trying to out-do one another. The attainment of America’s independence did not end the international war but was rather the beginning of new war tactics as nations tried to seize their grabbed territories. This war extended to the West Indies, Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia. The extension of this war contributed a lot to America’s struggle for independence from Britain (166). Many countries turned against Britain and formed league armed neutrality so that Britain did not interfere in their trade. The league of armed neutrality ensured that Britain does not dominate in everything, thus affecting its superiority.

The results of the war in North America caused France and Spain to try and recapture their territories which have been taken by the British. For instance, in 1782, Spain tried to seize Gibraltar although they did not succeed in their mission (167). France, on the other hand, was determined to regain the territory it had lost to Britain in the war they had before. They managed to seize some of their territories like Senegal in West Africa. An Indian most powerful state by the name Mysore had long before resisted the British rule, and the leader of the state joined hand with other Indian leaders to expel English nation from India. Their effort at first did not succeed, but when Britain was defeated in North America, franked aided Mysore to expel Britain from south India.

When Britain realized it cannot dominate the world any more, it agreed to negotiate with the war’s protagonists on how to achieve peace and the result of this negotiations was the Treaty of Paris (1783) (167). Under this Treaty, France and Britain agreed to return all the territories which were seized from one another, and, at the same time, America was declared independent. The outcome of this war also influenced the French revolution which generated a new cycle of global welfare which lasted till 1815 (167).

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