China has basically been enjoying a mutual relationship with North Korea since the time of the Cold War era. China’s policies towards North Korea have been determined by its prime interests in the Korean Peninsula. According to the analysts, this helps China ensure its peaceful and stable position and secure the border with North Korea. In attaining these interests, China has managed to change situation on the peninsula and its relationship with both Koreas. China provides the policy which is based on the need to maintain the status quo while seeking to avoid any kind of war.

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If to take in to consideration the perspective of China’s security, North Korea is vital as it appears to be  a military buffer state for China. North Korea is also strategically placed for the economic growth of China. It shares its border with China, and it is also adjacent to one of Chinese key industrial areas, Manchuria. It should be mentioned that China has established a number of mineral industries in North Korea. As a result, China has been supporting North Korea against the pressure from the international community. Chine is currently acting as a major power that can influence North Korea.The international policy of China, the myth of blood ties between two countries, and the strategic geographical position of North Korea are some of the reasons why China continues supporting North Korea. Being a North Korea’s close friend and seemingly the only ally, China did not criticize the North Koreans openly in the past. However, it has had different views with North Korea in a number of issues. For instance, in 2010, North Korea defied the agreement between two countries and carried out its nuclear test program. China is also reportedly pressing North Korea to follow the Chinese Open Door policy, especially for the economic development.

This paper is aiming to explore the policy of China towards North Korea. It will focuses on the Chinese realism policy and the notion of brotherhood between these two countries among other variables.

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