Before the coming of the civil war, American women led a lifestyle that confined them to the house.  Men moved out of the houses and started working in factories, shops and offices. The household then became a woman empire, a feminine and domestic domain. The women’s role was to create a comfortable and clean place to raise their children and for their men to live in. With the coming of the civil war, women turned their attention to the war. Women from the north and the south alike volunteered to join the course. Many became nurses and supplied the troops with basic needs.

Women from the north organized societies to supply the needs of the troops. The raised funds to purchase their medical supplies and mended their clothes. Other women, inspired by Florence Nightingale looked for ways to work in the frontlines. They took care of the wounded and the sick.

Despite having fewer resources and money, women from the south took an equally active role in the war. They too sewed and cooked and worked as untrained nurses. Many women from the south were not used to hard labor they depended on slaves. During the war, they worked as hard as their northern counterparts.

From this documentary, it is clear that there is a immense difference in the lives of women before and after the civil war. It shows the difference between the women in the North and south. Is article did not explain the impact on the lives of some groups of people. It failed to tell how the war affected the slave women by the war. In my opinion, slaves were profoundly affected, to a greater magnitude than the others.

From this documentary, I have understood more the differences in the lives of people from the south and these from the north. It has also made me gain more insight as to the position of women in the society before the war

 The civil war profoundly changed people’s culture. The soldiers led a hard life with little supplies and food.

When the war broke out, armies were made up of amateur soldiers who were not well equipped. The armies were poorly trained and ill equipped. The north had more provisions and resources in comparison to the south. The south could not access goods from the coast due to the union blockage of the coast.

The army diet was poor. Hard Tuck was a substitute for milk. Salt was used to preserve meat. Music was a form of distraction. Apart from military music, slave sang spirituals that slowly worked their way to the American culture. During this period, the newspaper trade was booming. With the invention of a better mechanical printing press and the telegraph, news could be easily sent. Photography was also booming. In addition to reporters, photographers went out to the battlefield to gather news for their newspapers. Soldiers also wrote to their newspapers at home.

The confederacy had trouble with their currency. Apart from lacking a solid currency, the value of their currency dropped. The north had comparatively fewer problems financing the war.

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This documentary managed to bring out the crucial issue of communication during the war. It also gave a picture of the lives lead by the soldiers. On the other hand, I felt that this documentary did not cover all aspects of the American culture during this period. I did not get information about issues such as religion.

From the documentary, I have gained more insight in regard to lives of soldiers during the war. I have been able to gain a deeper understanding of the confederate economy and the union economy

The consequences of the American civil war were enormous. The war particularly affected Pennsylvania Ten percent of soldiers who fought the war were from Pennsylvania. The war killed 63000 soldiers and injured many more.

Apart from those who died or suffered physical wounds, others suffered psychological wounds. Many took up the use of opium, alcohol and tobacco to drown their psychological pain. Pennsylvania had three main invasions. This had a negative impact on their economy. soldiers plundered shops, burnt shops and killed livestock. Trenches and craters also marked the landscape. This led to a westward migration of inhabitants of this state.

As a result of the war, there were three amendments to the law, the 13th Amendment that ended slavery, the 14th Amendment that guaranteed equal rights; and the 15th Amendment that gave everyone the right to vote regardless of race or color. This led to black people gaining full citizenship.

This article was successful in explaining the impact of the war on the state of Pennsylvania. It explained the political consequences, and the social consequences as well as the economic consequences. This article failed to illustrate the economic consequences well. It does not for instance explain how the plundering and the burning affected the economy.

From the article, I have learnt about the three invasions to Pennsylvania. I have also learnt about the psychological wounds that people got as a result of the war.

The battle of Antietam was one of the saddest days in the history of the civil war. It took place on the seventeenth of September in Maryland. The battle killed 23000 soldiers

Major General Hooker’s Union corps attacked Lee’s flank. This was the beginning of a big battle. During this day, there were three attacks.  The union army outnumbered Lee’s army but he pushed on forward. In spite of having casualties, lee continued the skirmishes on the 18th. The fact that McClellan did not pursue Lee’s army annoyed Lincoln.

From a military point of view, the battle was considered a draw. However the union claimed victory. This battle is crucial in the history of the civil war. The battle gave Lincoln the victory before he delivered the emancipation proclamation. The emancipation proclamation can be seen as the direct outcome of the battle. This had a enormous impact on the political dynamics of the US.

The greatest shortcoming of this documentary is the failure to explain how the battle affected the people of Maryland. It is evident that the consequences of the battle to the people of Maryland were great, but the documentary failed to illustrate them.

On the other hand, I have been able to clearly understand what happened on his fateful day. I have also learnt about the armies and the leaders and their armies.

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