The U.S has a unique form of government as it has two centers of power that is, the president and the congress. This was established for checks and balances in the government system, in an attempt, to foster accountability. The federal government is highly bureaucratic, and this situation has grown and developed over an exceedingly long time (O'Connor and Sabato).          

Congress, being the law making arm of the government can make laws that shape the operations of various agencies. This can be extremely crucial in eliminating federal bureaucracies. Most of these bottlenecks are created and implemented by existing laid down procedures and laws, and hence congress can make laws doing away with any unnecessary procedure. The congress can also make laws facilitating questioning of agencies suspected of misconduct, and this can go along the way in weakening federal bureaucracy (Congressional Quarterly).

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The people in non elected positions are some times the policy makers and the government can not function adequately without them. The only thing that congress can have over this group of people is to legislate on laws that ensure that these agencies work without much proliferation. The congress should regulate and eliminate the officialism, as well as, the red tape of this group through legislation. A good example of instances where the congress did this was by the implementation of the commerce clause in regulation of trade at various levels.                      Some Americas view the congress as one of bureaucracies because of the role given to it to approve or reject the president’s ideas as the representative of people (Veit and Bowling). This mostly occurs when the congress takes long to pass legislatives that are important for the country. The congress can react to this by being timely and responsive to the issue affecting the general public; ensure timely implementation of crucial policies.

Finally, the congress as the oversight authority of public spending, as well as, authorizing power of various federal expenditure should ensure that these procedures are not unnecessarily prolonged. Through their role as representatives of the people, they should ensure timely expeditions of various processes.

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