In this paper, I will create a model of the elements, theories, policies and prevention structures in the counterterrorism notion. The paper will also examine the probable best strategies and risk management approach in a case scenario of a terror threat. The case scenario is in the backdrop of a busy major, U.S. city, Chicago, IL. The paper will tackle the question of the above mentioned structures and element from the point of intelligence received regarding probable terror attack by an international terrorist group. All reviews will be done based on an international terror group.

September 11, 2001, creates the darkest memories fro the American people in relation to terror attack. However, despite the loss of lives, looking the glass half full, the September 11, 2001 created a platform for the American security to advance counter-terrorism. The attack propelled the American nation to adapt new theories, policies and prevention measures in regard to terrorism. Terror acts can lead to loose of lives, instill fear in the public hearts and cause damage to property. Terror acts should be stopped at all measures. Therefore, it is advisable to learn and equip oneself for the likeliness of any magnitude of terrorist act. To be fully prepared to counter terror acts, any element of security enforcement should be familiar with risk assessment in regard to a potential terror act. Risk assessment enables the security element to formulate the counterterrorist strategy. Above all, the security element should be in a position to understand the theories and policies of counterterrorism to formulate the best prevention measures of a potential terror threat.

Counterterrorism Theories

Terrorism is based on revenge, threat and exercise of power and weapons. Most terror acts are acts of revenge or threat in response to a pre-arranged action against the terror group or their associates. For terrorists to attack a place like Chicago, something must be associated with Chicago and the terror group. The intelligence refers to the terror group as an international one. An international terror group mostly strike targets to show they exist and musty not be ignored or their demands. A strike by international terror groups comes time after they have been wronged by the target. Simply the target for the terror group is associated with previous event or statement that annoyed the terror group.

Counterterrorism Policies

Government department theory of terror policy structure is the foundation of the sociological analysis of the terrorist law enforcement. International policy on terrorism at some point may create strong defense or loopholes for international terror groups. Suspects of terror groups with the aim of an attack, first of all study the target or nation policies on terrorism. Counterterrorism policies are aimed creating a firewall against terror groups. Just like how a computer works with a firewall utility and an antivirus, so should the government has a firewall and anti-terrorism structure. If the terror group, passes the terrorist firewall, then the structure laid by the anti-terrorism body should be able to counter the attack. Counter the attacks, in the sense, that, all policies against terrorism are working and reliable. Counter terror ism policy must have a strong leadership base. Loopholes in counterterrorism policy create terrorist entry point. Comparison of Chicago policies with other states can prove the loopholes for terror suspect’s entry.

Counterterrorism Prevention

The intelligence stipulates that the terror group is an international terror group to strike within 30 days. Within 30 days, a few tricks can be done to prevent the terror threat. The tricks include police search for people with international links, residence or business premises with international links and imposing a ban for travel to suspicious people. American cops are on the front position in counterterrorism; the police force should be in access to information regarding domestic, radical Islamist and jihadists, terrorist groups. The above mention groups are the greatest threat to the American peace and security.

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Risk Assessment

The purpose of the risk assessment is to assess the type and nature of possible terror attacks within the Chicago base. The assessment identifies the preparedness of security and medical forces for such an event. The assessment also identifies the most probable areas for terror suspects to strike and an estimate of the worst case scenario casualties of a possible terror, threat. International terrorist aim nothing less than casualties extending to thousands or hundreds. International terrorist would not waste their money on a couple of tens of people. With this ideology in mind, it is easy to identify the most likely terrorist target, be it an event, school or any institution that accommodates a large number of people.

For the best outcome of the assessment, explanatory and chronological research methods are best suited to assist in answering three questions intrinsic in this assessment. The first question is what are the most significant and mouth watering sites for terrorist attacks in Chicago.

The second query is how well prepared are the police and health response team prepared for a terror attack. The final question is an attempt to determine whether “pre terror” or “terror-threat preparedness” information should be collected and distributed to the residents of Chicago. The hypothesis here in the last question is to identify and disseminate whether the relevant Information would have the potential to boost the personal survivability and/or lessen Structural dent and devastation to buildings. The second question tackles the ideology of security and health response team preparedness in order to weigh up resources accessible at the time of such a confrontation. An outsider capability assessment instrument should be used to perform a rapid review of current resources in relation to other similar cases of disaster of cities with the same level as Chicago. The first question tackles the idea about which is the most possible areas to act as threat sites to the terrorists. A Chicago calendar of events should come in handy to tackle the first question.

Counterterrorist Strategy

Counterterrorist attacks strategy are based on four ideology; protection, prevention, pursue and responding. To achieve these four strategies, one must understand their relationship and definition of terrorism. Dutch political scientist Alex P. Schmid did an evaluation of the more than 140 description of terrorism written at the years between 1936 and 1981. From these, he identified 22 elements and 20 principles or functions of terrorism. The main identified entities of the principles of terrorism were force, motives of politics, fear, instillation of threat, and provoking third parties. Terrorist acts are done too impose fear or to provoke a confrontation.

To counter terror aims, a security entity at first must be in the light, of understanding how to collect relevant and reliable information regarding the terror threats. Second, the security entity must be familiar with the risk assessment outcome. Third, Utilize and respond to relevant and reliable information supplied by intelligence operatives to capture the terror suspects and bring them to military justice. The security forces or entity must be well prepared to tackle the threat step by step. The first step in the strategy is to prevent the actual threat. Preventing the actual threat can only be achieved if the information supplied by intelligence leads to capture of the criminals. The next step is to offer protection for the people incase the threat becomes active and passes the prevention states. The third step is to respond quickly to the terrorist attack and finally pursue the culprits.

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