Hunger is defined as the malnutrition caused by two main factors. Protein-Energy malnutrition is caused by lack of sufficient proteins to support growth of cells, muscles and support the required body growth. Lack of energy as a result of malnutrition of carbohydrates starves the body of essential energy supply forcing the body to convert proteins to provide energy thus poisoning the body. And, the minor type of hunger is lack of vitamins and minerals and is known as micronutrient (World Hunger Organization, 2011). According to the New York Times, the United Nations issued a warning that drought was devastating Somalia that in turn posed a great famine that would claim at least 750,000 lives.

The first factor promoting hunger in Somalia is lack of a stable government to curb militant insurgence in the nation. Insecurity is causing many farmers to buy inputs at a higher price while the violent militants who destroy or steal crops. The second factor hindering alleviation of hunger in Somalia is restrictions on communication plans as a result of insecurity such that aid agencies efforts remain landlocked by the militant blockade.

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Agricultural production in Somalia is about a quarter of the expected crop and animal yield. Therefore, food prices remain consistently high since most of the food is imported. Furthermore, high prices of food have forced populations to move to other countries like Kenya and Ethiopia as refugees; thus propagating the hunger problem across the border. The Shabab Islamic extremist groups rule most part of the southern Somali that are hard hit by the famine crisis. Though food penetrates to the militant controlled zones, citizens complain of being harassed by gunmen who take the food away to resell at extra profit.

Conclusively, Somalia needs a table government that can provide an agricultural agenda and economic recovery programs to enable the nation to alleviate hunger. Government will have to fund farmers increase the yield. 

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