An immigrant is a person who leaves one country to stay in another, for instance, from Mexico to the United States. American economy is dependent on illegal workers since they admit low wages for crucial jobs, pay taxes, and make use of their money, where the eventual result is the growth of the US national economy. However, the influx of illegal workers heightens the Government spending for medical care, education, enforcement of the law among many other ways. Arguably, illegal workers do not pay substantial taxes to make up for their costs to the Government. Immigrants from Mexico to the United States constitute 4.2 percent of the United States total population and a 10.2 percent of all individuals in poverty. These immigrants also make a 12.5 percent of the people in the United States without health insurance.

Large-scale immigration from Mexico is at the alarming rate. The research indicates that Mexican immigrant population was 800,000 as compared to ten times the number in the year 2000. The Mexican government benefits from its citizens in the US through the money that the immigrants send home. The Mexican government experiences reduced unemployment levels in Mexico due to the migration of its citizens to the US. The Mexican immigrants in the United States have led to ruinous relations with the USA. According to an American official in Washington, the Mexican government encourages illegal migration as shown in a book known as “Comic.” Immigration has also led to increased numbers of the Mexicans without education.

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The United States is obliged to design policies that will help regulate the Mexican immigrants. The Government should attach much value to programs that will improve the labor market skills of legal Mexican immigrants. Additionally, it is crucial that efforts be made to better educational opportunities for the Mexican children. Such improvement in the sphere of education will enable the Mexican children to compete favorably in the modern American economy. The Congress should also make stringent laws that will significantly reduce immigration to the United States, especially from Mexico. The United States authorities should implement the ban on hiring illegal immigrants.

The policy on improving education of the Mexican children will help them acquire decent jobs and therefore improve their family incomes. These incomes will lead to decreased percentages of the living in poverty hence payment of taxes which will help the economy grow. The ban on hiring the illegal immigrants will make life for illegal Mexican immigrants hard. The difficult life will discourage such persons from living in the United States, and, therefore, such immigrants will relocate to Mexico.

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