Elected on the promise if change, President Obama has emerged as a visionary leader of the United States having audacity of hope that America will continue to rise and shine like a city on the hill. Obama cannot just be remembered for his confident gait assured smile, squared shoulders, positive wave to the audience and dominating stance but for his work at the oval office which has proved that he is a confident and charismatic leader. Since he became a president, Obama has not only Obama "skillfully controlled his voice to convey excitement, disapproval, urgency, and passion" but he has also walked the talk; the path of change his success hinged on (Leanne, 2010 p.4). His skills and power of transformation has been felt in his reforms in areas of finance, health, administration and foreign relations taking America yet again to new height in the map of the work.

Through the leadership of Obama, the United States has made tremendous steps towards achieving global engagement with other nations of the world. This is in line with his pledge to the Americans that he was committed to "winning minds and hearts" (Tanji, 2009, p. 164). With a diplomatic spirits, president Obama has extended "extended hand" the hand of friendship to countries such as Iran in a bid to establish a new dawn in foreign relations through the use of diplomatic engagement. Such acts of courage have indeed revealed president Obama's commitment in making the world a place of peaceful coexistence.

While it is common to hear statements such as, "$350 million from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act will be committed to expand and accelerate the development, deployment, and use of geothermal energy throughout the United States", few people may know that such new progress are as a result of president Obama's game plan on economic reform and development plan (Geothermal, 2010 Para. 1). President Obama allegiance to implementation of financial reforms has won him an accolade of praise both from the democrats and the republicans. His ability to direct matter of economics was in no doubt clear as he steered America out of the recession which ended in June 2009 even though the  "hole was so deep" and " that a lot of people out there are still hurting " (Associated Press, 2010, Para. 2) As a result of this good work, President Obama deserves praise for his exemplary efforts.

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President Obamas choice of administrators in his government has been a success story of its own kind bringing in competency, experience and potential for the benefit of America. President Obama choice of administrators at the top positions in the government has signified the importance he accords to those offices and the role each administrator will play towards getting the big picture of change. For instance, Obama has chosen an immaculate team of scientists like Jane Lubchenko to head institutions such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, basing his criterion of choice on "technical credential" which is crucial to the success of these arms of the government (Crow, 2009, Para. 1).

Towards the improvement of health care delivery system, president Obama has endeavored to achieve significant strides towards the betterment of the health care system of the United States. Recently, under the leadership of president Obama, the government of the United States has managed to implement various programs through the Institute of Healthcare Improvement such as the signing on the Veteran's health bill.  His committal in improving health is indeed a significant page in Obama's success book of success.

It is clear that Obama is a leader armed with positive impression and commitment to performance. These virtues have no wonder made him achieve in numerous areas he had pledge to have change on. However, much need to be done so as to improve all facets of the American,   dream of change but with Obamas audacity, America shall brace all forthcoming storms of challenges with president Obama steering the government.

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