Politics is one of the most crucial aspects of man's life man needs political soberness in order to succeed in all other aspects of his life. Many philosophers have worked on the issue of politics with the objective of understanding politics and their effects in the progress of any given society. Philosophers have over the years been studying the politics and developing various political ideologies with an aim of making the difference in the way politics conducted. Aristotle was one of those philosophers who contributed to the discussion concerning politics. Born in Macedonia Aristotle made numerous contributions in many of his work, he lived between 384 and 322 B.C.
The philosopher was of the believe that philosophy could not be learned through writing but could only be done so in conversations. One of his work is the, "The politics," which will be the focus of discussion in this paper.
Man is more of a political animal than any form of bee, or a herd of animal is a very clear point. This is clear as nature do not do anything in vain. Man is the only animal who has a speech. Speech helps the man to reveal those things that are harmful and advantageous to him. In addition, the speech helps man to speak out his mind on what he believes to be just and unjust. It is peculiar to any man as compared to any other animal that he is the only animal who has perception of what is right, bad, unjust and just. Through this partnership, in all these things is what constitutes a city and household.
Human beings usually live in groups like other animals such as herd of animals and bees. Human beings have the ability that bees, and herd animal does not possess, and that is the speech. The speech also contributes to reasoning in man. The linkage exist between reason and speech, the main purpose of speech which given to men by Mother Nature is to identify what is harmful and advantageous. Through revelations,   this man knows what is right, bad, unjust and just.
These revelations help the man to live together and this as well as help men to pursue justice in their virtuous lives that they live. Other animals do not need this ability to reason and speak as they live together in harmony. They do this without determination of what can be said to be just or those creating laws to ensure that justice enhanced among themselves.
Human being is political animal by nature, even though the same nature brought us together. Nature did not provide everything that men needed to live together. Human beings have to figure how to live together through the use of speech and reason. They go ahead to coming  up with ways of determining  what is just and unjust, there go further to create laws that enhance the survival of human community and various individuals. The group that has done this is the city.
Through living according to the laws, exercising various virtues that enables a society functions and living within what is just, make it to be possible for individuals to flourish,  as well as the success of a political community. Human being can be said to be the worst animal
without justice and its city.
For peaceful existence to be there in human society, the need for a man to have the ability to speak and use reasoning in all that he does. The power to speech help a human being to determine what is correct and evil. It further help in  the determination of what is unjust and just by developing laws that help in this determination. The ability to speech helps various individuals to utilize their talents for the success of human community.                                                                

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Aristotle developed various theories about the good city, what politics involves and the basis for political order and co-operation. These theories provide a basis of what can be said to be ideal political system in any given society. I totally agree with various philosophical arguments that he puts across in these theories concerning politics.
The theory on moral city provides the ideals of a just society, and it is in these theories basis of a democratic society built. The how speech and ability to reason makes human beings  political animals, other animals do not possess these characteristics, The principle of identifying what is right, bad, unjust and just makes an ideal city for people lives together in harmony. This provides a basis of development of political systems in the society with an aim of enforcing justice and rule of law.
The theory on what politics involves also make vital contributions in the development of strong political systems, which takes into considerations the needs of groups of people in the society. Politics should not be the basis of enslaving people but, they opt to free people from injustice and poor forms of governance. Politics should also build an ethical society where all people treated equally despite their different backgrounds or political ideologies that they hold. The theory political order and operation helps to develop a society where different ideologies to be given a room to flourish. The co-operation comes as a result of people needs to live together in harmony and uphold justice.


Basing my argument on the above cases strongly agree with the Aristotle theories of politics. These three theories are the basis of an ideal society, and they protract a clear picture of true politics in any given society.

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