In the 1960s, the US government launched a mission to eradicate poverty. This mission cannot be considered to have failed as the poverty rates went to as low as 11.1% in 1973. However, in 1983 it rose to an astonishing 15.2%. In 2000, a reduction of this percentage to an 11.3% got noted. This statistic was welcome except for the fact that even more people were living in poverty. Increased dependence on unemployment aids and food stamps is an indicator of just how much people cannot sustain themselves economically. This worsens with the recession and many other issues of the 21st century.

This paper covers the issues that control poverty in the USA setup and how they ensure the stunted improvement of this situation. It argues the possibility of eradicating poverty in the society. The success of other programs to solve problems, such as the Clean Air Act, gets measured similarly to poverty control. Air pollution control is in place, but it does not mean that there is no air pollution. Similarly, the poverty control measures can be successful, but it should not give the impression poverty has been eradicated totally.

Can poverty be totally eradicated in the current society we live in now? What are the best measures to address the poverty issue? Is poverty eradication possible? These questions are covered in the essay.

The Prevalence of Poverty

Poverty has over the years been controlled to be lesser than 15%, but with the growing population, this percentage is representative of a greater population year by year. Most people have been living a hand-to-mouth lifestyle making it hard to leave the bracket of poverty. The gap between the rich and the poor has widened. This shows economical profitability is only realized by the rich. Money brings with it power and with more power money is brought. This vicious cycle makes the poor poorer while the rich reap increasing benefits from this largely harsh economy.

  Poverty mostly is linked to joblessness in a society. The job situation in the USA is worsened by various issues. The low minimum wage is the most repelling issue to most job seekers. The availability of jobs is not favorable either. Globalization has led to larger populations competing for the limited jobs available. Technology has ensured automation of many services to reduce need for human labor. This has led to loss of many employment opportunities in the USA. Outsourcing personnel due to search for cheap labor and for democratic reasons also makes it hard to find a job. Immigrants have done nothing but elevate the cutthroat completion for jobs. Job security is dwindling with the limited unionization in the current job arena. This means employees rights are addressed mostly at the mercy of their employers.

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The unemployment aids are strained by the larger dependence on them. The continued limiting of this program is not making the situation any better. People have given up on seeking employment following the low minimum wages. The statistics show getting a job makes no much difference with the dependence on unemployment aids. It is this view that makes employment to be viewed as a waste of time. On the other hand, employment is not that easy to come by. The increasing population due to high birth rates, automation and globalization has left limited employment opportunities for the average American.  

Review of Poverty Control

 The poverty levels in the USA reached a record low in 1973 at 11.1%. It also set to reach a record high after the 2011 census results. The government launched an attack to poverty in 1960 and employed several measures to do so. The scourge of poverty has been addressed using various measures to lighten the burden of those that live below the poverty line.

Medicare is in place to provide health care to the poor at exceptionally low costs, and this is to give them a chance to put their investments elsewhere to progress themselves. The government budgets for health care for those that live below the poverty line. The fact that this care is the subject of controversy is not comforting to most of its subscribers.

The unemployment aid is in place to make sure complete lack of income is eradicated. The social welfare system is meant to provide for families that cannot provide for themselves. This program, though strained, goes a long way in ensuring the survival of several Americans. One has to apply for it following lack of a source of income. The minimum wage is a weighty subject of debate in the USA. The government negotiates an increase on the minimum wage to enable it to be of significance to its recipients. The reason for lack of employment by many Americans is that the minimum wage is not of any help to their situation whatsoever. The needs of an average American cannot be covered by this wage. This is why the government aims at increasing the minimum wage.


The possibility of eradication of the plight of poverty is dismal considering the issues covered in this essay. Most measures against poverty are still in the formulation stage. The scope of poverty is so wide. Race, age, gender, location and personal strive are all factors that determine the success of one in this society. The government has to address all these issues to ensure a fulsome approach in tackling poverty. Poverty is spreading faster and is at record high levels making it hard to believe that it might soon be eradicated. 

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