This paper analyzes and describes the influence of the Reagan buildup of the 1980 on Homeland Security and how the Persian Gulf War altered the outlook of the Bush (41) Administration.

In explaining how Homeland Security was affected by Reagan buildup of 1980’s, it is reasonable to note that 1980’s was a time during which the Cold War was intensifying. Hayes (2010) noted that the period was characterized by increasing rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union. President Regan therefore changed the focus of the country’s foreign policy from putting much focus on communism to that, which emphasized the need of containing terrorists’ activities. According to Hayes (2010), Regan is credited with the rebuilding of the country’s military. He managed to win the congress to provide finances for the improvement of America’s weapon systems. The buildup was marked by high-tech weapons systems, improved trainings of rangers, and the increase in the military benefits. The backing up of the nuclear force and the missile defense system was possible through his 1983 Strategic Defense Initiative (Hayes, 2010).

The major contributor to the change of the outlook of the Bush (41) Administration during the Persian Gulf War was the administration’s use of media in accomplishing the goals of the nation (Bowman, 2004). Bowman observes that the media had a great influence on the formation of the U.S. perception of the Bush administration. The plan to accommodate the media changed the outlook of the Bush (41) Administration in two ways. First of all it accomplished the national interest of the U.S., which was to ensure that Saddam Hussein and his troops were forced out of Kuwait. This was possible since the president managed to use the media to present Saddam’s bad image. Second, the administration managed to win the support of the public for its policy on Iraq (Bowman, 2004).

In conclusion, even though the two leaders seemed to be using hash international policies, which at times had adverse economic implications on the security issues, the two cases portrayed in this write up prove that sometimes such policies can be effective. 

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